How to manage Discount Vouchers in your eCommerce

Discount vouchers (also known as promo vouchers, promo codes, etc.) are one of the most common customer loyalty options implemented in an eCommerce.  They can range from an initial discount for subscribing to a service, registering as a user or a reward for specific purchase values. It is important not to confuse discount vouchers with gift vouchers.  The latter seek the opportunity to offer the consumer a purchase for a value, without actually knowing in advance which product will... + read more

Low, medium and higher price strategies. Which is most appropriate?

Pricing strategies for eCommerce are an essential aspect for defining both the opportunities for the brand within the market and its business image for potential customers.  There are many trends, but one doubt that continually assaults vendors is whether one should lower prices or increase them when compared to their competition.  Here we make a simple and direct review of the pros and cons of each one to analyse which best suits each situation. Low price strategies The strategy of... + read more

Price strategies for drop-shipping businesses

Online businesses who use a drop-shipping strategy have experienced their boom thanks to the ease of management compared to other business models: by not having to manage stock, avoiding product devaluation, etc.  After all, a drop-shipping eCommerce allows the online store to focus on the promotion and marketing actions necessary to promote the products within its catalogue and thus achieve maximum benefit.  In this sense, it is important to develop a pricing strategy adapted to the... + read more

Other factors to consider when monitoring your competition

Competition monitoring is a fundamental task for every brand and online store.  Knowing first-hand what other vendors and competitors are doing allows a business to operate within the market under the same conditions and also to consolidate its clientele.  However, it’s not only important to take references from any price variations but also other factors are important when monitoring your competitors if you wish to improve the possibilities of our own brand. When analysing the... + read more

Platforms for creating an online store: solutions and features

One of the keys of a good eCommerce is to use a decent platform for your online store: attractive design, well organised and with a well thought out, seamless, user interface which guarantees a good online experience.  Of course, one should select the best software platform for your eCommerce requirements. Today there is a wide variety of platforms to help you create an online store. Depending on the needs of each eCommerce, it will be necessary to assess which will be the most... + read more