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Pricing Tool

Suite of cloud-based pricing tools for retailers and manufacturers who need to monitor and optimise pricing and product assortment. Recommended solution for companies which are looking for a powerful tool for managing pricing.

For Retailers

Price Intelligence

Intelligent competitor price analysis which includes dashboards, historical data and market trends. + Price Intelligence

Competitor Price Monitoring

Daily tracking of competitor price and stock information in any country, language or currency. High level of data precision and coverage. + Competitor Price Monitoring


Price & stock checking tool for physical competitor stores for those retailers who need to monitor their traditional sales channel. + InStore™

Catalogue Intelligence

Complete analysis of your competitors product catalogue to help discover missing product references and know immediatley when new products are launched. + Catalogue Intelligence


Continuous, rules-based, price recommendation module which takes into account current competitor pricing. + Repricing

Dynamic Pricing

Reactev ™ is Minderest's solution for advanced dynamic pricing, which now incorporates Artificial Intelligence and business information for decision making. + Dynamic Pricing

For Brands

MAP & MSRP Monitoring for eCommerce

Monitor recommended, or minimum advertised, retail prices and quickly detect and identify vendor non-compliance. + MAP & MSRP Monitoring for eCommerce

Content Compliance

Make sure that each attribute of your products corresponds with the policies established by your brand. + Content Compliance

MSRP InStore™

Recommended, or minimum advertised, selling prices in physical retail outlets. Log which prices on the high-street are infringing your maket positioning strategy. + MSRP InStore™

Distribution Channel Analysis

Monitor your channel's product catalogues and visualise how other, competitor, brands are positioned and what new products they are launching into the market. + Distribution Channel Analysis

Product Data API

Pricing data on demand via web API for retailers and manufacturers. Recommended solution for companies that only need raw data.

For Retailers

Ecommerce Product Monitoring

Monitor any product information in any online store's website: Price, Stock situation, Description, Barcode (EAN/UPC, etc.), MPN, SKU, etc. + Ecommerce Product Monitoring

For Brands

Digital Shelf Benchmark

Analyse your brand's digital presence and content in your online channel, Price, Stock situation, Images, etc. + Digital Shelf Benchmark

Ecommerce Pricing Reports

Extract the complete product catalogue, or specific categories, from any online retailer worldwide for later, offline, analysis. + Ecommerce Pricing Reports

A leading Competitor Price Monitoring software for retailers and manufacturers

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10 of the World's Top 50 retailers monitor prices with Minderest

Minderest is effectively supporting us with online price and other related eCommerce intel. With their service, we have a great visibility into the online part of the relevant market.