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These companies put their trust in us

These companies put their trust in us

Grab your pricing by the reins and beat your competitors

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  • Data quality over 99%. Minderest is the solution of choice for retailers and brands due to the reliability of the information.

  • We have over 10 years of experience, making us price monitoring and price intelligence leaders and pioneers. Our expert team are proof of this.

  • No limits. We can monitor websites in any country, language, or currency. Our platform goes wherever you need it to.

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ROI metrics based on self-reported data from over 35 customers of Minderest, between 2020 and 2023.

Retailers and brands from all over
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Competitor price and stock monitoring in any country, language, or currency with comprehensive and accurate data.

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Boost your BI tool with our powerful API

  • Make your metrics more understandable, comparable, and actionable by using data provided by Minderest. Make decisions about any area or department in your company.
  • You can combine the information collected by Minderest with data from any area or department in your business: Marketing, Pricing, Sales, Finance, etc.
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11 of the world’s 50 largest retailers use Minderest

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