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Reactev ™ is Minderest's solution for advanced dynamic pricing

Reactev is a SaaS platform developed by Minderest for advanced dynamic pricing. Designed exclusively for the retail sector, it encompasses the entire pricing cycle in physical and eCommerce stores. Big data is processed using deep learning techniques to predict and react to changes in the market with agility and precision. Reactev is the result of years of research and development in the pricing world.

The ideal price at the right time

A competitive market price is always a good price, but it is not always the ideal price for your business.

Your customers expect to find tight prices, in line with the market, but you must keep the balance between a competitive price and a sustainable price. Even if your competitors lower their prices, lowering your own prices will not always be the best solution.

Reactev's dynamic pricing solution allows you to determine the best price for your business at any given time by evaluating more than 20 KPI’s and combining them with a powerful artificial intelligence (AI) model.

Design your ideal pricing model

Combine your internal data sources with our competitive pricing information in powerful and flexible advanced business rules. From your combination you will get sales prediction models based on calculated prices and collected historical data.

Whatever your strategy and regardless of whether it is conservative, risky, focused on turnover or profit margin, Reactev's dynamic pricing system will allow you to convert it into simple but powerful business rules.

Dynamic Pricing Reactev

Automatic learning

Dynamic pricing based on automatic learning will allow decisions made in the past to be considered in the present when evaluating a new price change. In this way you will be able to anticipate the future by interpreting previous failures or successes, improving the effectiveness rate of your decisions.

Visualise the evolution of your business model

Consult, in our advanced dashboard, the impact on sales, margins and KPIs the day-to-day evolution of price decisions made by your repricing rules. Monitor the results and modify the system, if necessary, to achieve your proposed goals.

Increase your sales volume performance

Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence for dynamic pricing, the impact on sales will obey decisions made logically, so not only will you increase your turnover but also your profit margin. This will be achieved by compensating sales actions with adjusted margins to opportunities for price increase without loss of volume.

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