Lead nurturing: qué es y cómo utilizarlo

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Lead nurturing


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El lead nurturing es una técnica de marketing basada en el acompañamiento de los clientes durante todo el proceso de compra y su posterior fidelización. Consiste en el envío automatizado y continuo de información personalizada a los diferentes usuarios en base a la relación que tenga con el ecommerce. Su objetivo final es aumentar el volumen de ventas y ampliar la base de usuarios fieles a la marca. Su combinación con una estrategia de precios adecuada puede generar múltiples beneficios a tu negocio. 

Esta técnica está englobada dentro del inbound marketing, corriente que se centra en mejorar la experiencia de compra del usuario en lugar de intentar venderle productos de forma directa. De esta manera la relación que generes con tus clientes será más sólida y duradera. 

How to use lead nurturing in your eCommerce business 

The most important factor to take into account is the personalisation of the content you send to users. You must know their most basic data, such as their name and surname that were previously obtained during lead capturing, as well as the phase of the purchase cycle they’re in to be able to offer them exactly what they need to speed up the purchase decision. This process involves implementing detailed user segmentation and knowing their buyer persona. These classifications will make it possible to apply different lead nurturing chains to different groups of customers.

Personalised content can be sent through email marketing campaigns, dynamic lists, chatbots, calls to action, or can even be integrated into retargeting campaigns targeting users who have visited the eCommerce website but haven’t completed their purchase. Some examples of lead nurturing from the beginning of the relationship with the customers include: 

  • the welcome email sent with new registrations 
  • a survey to learn the opinion of certain customers 
  • a follow-up with customers who consult certain types of information, such as a course or online training
  • informative newsletters with personalised content and calls to action
Lead nurturing

This whole chain of communications should be fast and fluid. You need to intercept the customers in the moment that they show interest in your eCommerce website, products, or services. If you write to them a week after they’ve filled out a contact form, they’ll probably remember little to nothing about the brand. This is why it’s essential to have automated tools that take care of sending things to and managing users. This is in addition to measuring and analysing the response of customers to such content so that you can assess the need to modify it based on how successful it is.

The advantages lead nurturing offers your eCommerce business

Along with the benefits we mentioned previously, maintaining active communication with your customers through lead nurturing will allow you to: 

  • use the same style of communication to maintain your brand image
  • detect new business opportunities 
  • accelerate the sales funnel at a lower cost to the company 
  • further refine the segmentation of your users based on their reactions to your content
  • build customer loyalty with higher quality clients that are more interested in your products and less in your discounts

 Since the purpose of lead nurturing isn’t to sell directly, including offers or discounts in the content isn’t recommended—no matter how personalised they may be. An overly commercial attitude could scare away potential customers. On the other hand, you could include resources like posts that recommend quality products or including reviews from other users that include links to your product catalogue, where you’ll need to use competitive prices to encourage the closing of the sale. This will ensure that it’s the customer that approaches the eCommerce business, and not the other way around.

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