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Our executive team

Antonio tomás, CEO
Antonio Tomás
Juan Sanchez, COO
Juan Sánchez
Jesús Domínguez, CTO
Jesús Domínguez
Mila Maksimenko, Business Dev. Manager
Mila Maksimenko
Business Dev. Manager
Philipp Röckmann, <br> Sales Manager
Philipp Röckmann
Sales Manager
Jean Julien Bercaire, KAM
Jean Julien Bercaire
Gary Thomson, KAM
Gary Thomson
Paolo Politi, KAM
Paolo Politi
Alberto Pujante, Support Manager
Alberto Pujante
Support Manager
Pedro Vera, Issue Manager
Pedro Vera
Issue Manager
Antonio Ruiz, Customer Experience
Antonio Ruiz
Customer Experience
Markus Achten, Customer Experience
Markus Achten
Customer Experience
Patricia Phan, Customer Experience
Patricia Phan
Customer Experience
Maren Harre, Customer Experience
Maren Harre
Customer Experience

Minderest in figures

Since 2012

Since 2012

50+ experts

50+ experts

25+ countries

25+ countries

500+ million prices

500+ million prices

Price intelligence experts

Minderest is a pioneering company in the price and assortment intelligence sector for both retailers and manufacturers.  From our initial inception we have had the privilege of working with some of the most innovative companies and start-ups worldwide such as Telefónica, The Nielsen Company or L’Oréal amongst others. With presence in over 25 countries and clients from more than 15 different sectors, we have a great deal of experience which allows us to tackle projects of any size and complexity.

Our main strength is the in-house design and development of our technology, created entirely by our team of engineers.  This allows us to adapt to the actual requirements of our clients and to meet all proposed targets.  We have a team of 50+ professionals prepared to optimise your pricing and stock strategy.  Shall we begin?

Minderest, smart prices for smart companies.

Autobahn Startup Minderest

Reasons to work with Minderest

1.- Best coverage and quality ratio of product matchings on the market: if you are familiar with pricing software, you will know that the most important point is the precision of the product comparison. Minderest guarantees the highest levels of precision and coverage, even in the absence of EANs or even with OEM brands.

2.- Usability, personalisation and powerful: the intuitive design of our pricing software allows any member of your organisation to obtain maximum efficiency.  Our development team is available to develop functions your company may require.

3.- Client support: from initial training through to day to day performance, our team will assist you in meeting your objectives.

4.- Multi-language support: our customer support team of over 40 engineers are ready to respond to all your queries in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish, via telephone, in-application chat interface or email.

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