When users monitor prices: How, When and Where

Price monitoring is an indispensable element for retailers, eCommerce and manufacturers who offer their products online.  However, these types of tools are also increasingly used by users, who truly face the reality of price differences.  As buyers, online users are increasingly concerned about getting good prices, yet above all it is getting to know the manufacturers of the products they buy.  We must remember that the pricing strategies of any brand helps, in part, to define... + read more

How does the forecast affect the manufacturer's catalogue?

A good sales forecast is essential for a brand to anticipate their stock needs at specific times. In this way, they can anticipate the organization of the catalogue based on the expected demand. Its objective is to allow the company to reach the proposed sales targets. And in what does this knowledge affect? Both in the product units that the manufacturer must have in its catalogue and in the price that can be established for each of them, since it can be a clear... + read more

Pricing and customer journey, a necessary relationship

Over the last decade, marketing teams have assumed that the user, the potential client and their circle of action, is the nerve centre of their activity, the key to the success of a business. This, transferred to the sales teams, has led to the need to recognize the fundamental role played by the consumer when setting pricing strategies. At the end of the day, it seems reasonable that if the user is the one who is finally going to pay for a product or service, its price should be adjusted to... + read more

Customer service in ecommerce: the 4 keys to be useful to the buyer

Maintaining a close relationship with the buyer is essential for an ecommerce. And an essential element to forge it is proper customer service. In the web environment there are multiple possibilities to carry out this activity and exploit to the maximum the resource of the immediacy and convenience that supposes buying from home, from the office or while you are on public transport. In fact, the development of new channels of contact with the customer is one of the epicentres of innovation in... + read more

Predictive analysis: how to get the most out of the collected data to optimize your prices?

Analisis predictivo
Big data and artificial intelligence in ecommerce are here to stay, it´s a fact. However, multiple error test tests are still being theorized and carried out to verify in which fields they work and for which objectives they are effective. Predictive analysis is one of the fields in which technology of online sales services is most developed. This technique consists of analysing the data collected by traditional AI (artificial intelligence) systems to create patterns of user behaviour.... + read more