Benefits of price tracking software

Price tracking software
Price tracking software are automated tools that allow you to monitor competitors’ prices over their different sales channels. They analyse everything from third-party e-commerce and retailer sites, to product pages on marketplaces like Amazon, or price comparison sites like Google Shopping. The most advanced price trackers provide information on prices and promotions, stock, shipping, and delivery times for companies regarded as competitors. Generally, the main benefit of price tracking... + read more

Know and control the costs of sale

Know and control the costs of sale
Costs of sale relate to the money an e-commerce business invests in promoting, distributing, and delivering its products to consumers. These are the expenses incurred by the company so that items reach customers. The retailer or brand must identify these expenses, and quantify them, to gain optimal profitability control, adapt the pricing strategy to costs, and avoid potential losses if necessary. From Minderest, we explain the different types of costs of sale and how to control them.

Monadic price test vs Price laddering technique

Monadic price
Within pricing research, monadic tests and the price laddering technique try to determine customers’ price sensitivity. Both are price research techniques used to evaluate an e-commerce’s product and service prices and to analyse how users perceive them. However, since they have different methodologies, you will have to choose one or the other according to your research’s objectives and the resources you want to allocate. Both research techniques share the same goal: To... + read more

Lazada: Sell in the marketplace that is entering the European market

Lazada, the marketplace that is entering the European market
Lazada is Alibaba’s most popular marketplace among Southeast Asian customers, with increasingly greater access to new technologies. Although Lazada started out life as an independent platform, Alibaba purchased it in 2016 to manage South Asia’s e-commerce on a single portal. In 2022 they announced plans to expand into Europe and partner with European vendors to start selling their products through their platform. For e-commerce businesses, this presents an opportunity to expand... + read more

Pricing research: What it is and how to do it

Pricing research
Pricing research is a research method used to evaluate e-commerce product and service prices. It analyses how demand varies within the market based on the prices set. It is a valuable resource for brands and retailers as it allows you to observe pricing behaviour and learn how pricing affects business growth and development. Based on this knowledge, the ultimate goal of pricing research is to enable companies to define an appropriate pricing strategy to help improve their profitability.