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Minderest ISO 27001 Data Safety

Minderest achieves ISO 27001 certification and reinforces its commitment to data security

Minderest, leader in price intelligence solutions, has obtained the ISO 27001 certification that guarantees maximum security in the treatment of information.

Omnichannel Pricing: How sales channels influence pricing

Omnichannel Pricing: How sales channels influence pricing

Omnichannel pricing is vital for companies whose business strategy integrates different sales channels, such as brick-and-mortar and online stores. An omnichannel strategy aims to provide...

Temu Marketplace

How to sell on Temu, the low-price marketplace

Temu is a horizontal marketplace with roots in China. Temu sells many product categories at extremely low prices and operates in more and more countries. Temu is the global version of the...

Scarcity and urgency tactics to increase sales

How to use scarcity and urgency tactics to increase sales

When a consumer is weighing up whether or not to buy a product, you can employ specific techniques to speed up the final purchase decision. Among them are scarcity and urgency tactics that appeal...

Wholesale pricing

Wholesale pricing: How to set prices correctly

Having the right wholesale pricing strategy is key to the performance and productivity of any B2B eCommerce or supplier. Wholesale prices apply to large volume sales. Given the size of orders,...

best sellers rank amazon

How to improve your Amazon Best Sellers Rank

Improving your Amazon Best Sellers Rank means increasing sales within the marketplace, a goal many eCommerce strive to attain. The Amazon Best Sellers Rank ranks best-selling products within the...

Amazon BSR

What is Amazon Best Sellers Rank? What are the benefits?

The Amazon Best Sellers Rank or Amazon BSR ranks all products available on the marketplace according to their sales volume. This ranking gives each product a position or numerical value,...

low prices

The best low-price strategies

Low price strategies allow for a rapid increase in the volume of sales of an e-commerce, but you should use them in adequate forms and contexts. Your main risk is the existing possibility that a...

Buy Box on Amazon

The Buy Box on Amazon: what is it, and how does it work?

The Buy Box on Amazon is the box on the right-hand side of product pages, where you can see the price, shipping time and the seller. This resource allows sellers to increase their sales, and customers...