How do you win the BuyBox on Amazon?

The answer to this question is simple: A formula that guarantees getting the BuyBox on Amazon does not exist. In fact, the algorithm of merchant selection is one of the best kept secrets by Amazon and with what the obtaining the optimised balance between sales and client satisfaction. By giving the BuyBox to the cheapest merchant would definitely cause more sales but on the other hand it would create a margin loss (and Amazon charges a percentage of that margin) and probably even a lesser... + read more

What you should never do with your prices before Black Friday

How to prepare a pricing strategy for Black Friday is talked about a lot, however, few analyses show what it is that we are supposed to do. This popular date can be a huge exit for our campaign or on the other hand a disaster, it all depends on how we prepare for it. There is an extended theory about false offers during Black Friday, for example, deliberate increase in prices weeks before so that the discounts applied are not really discounts. From Minderest we have shown year after year that... + read more

Minderest will be a speaker once again at Meet Magento Madrid 2016

Once again we are a sponsor and speaker at the most important international Magento event that is known as Meet Magento. On the 25th October the annual event, most promoted by Magento and Interctiv4 will take place at the Teatro de Goya in Madrid, with 41 speakers from TOP companies in the e commerce world and over 30 sponsors. Representing Minderest at this event will be our commercial director, Javier González, who will be doing a speech at 16.15h with the title “Dynamic... + read more

What is Price elasticity of demand?

We are sure that you will have heard on many occasions this popular term in the pricing world, but maybe you don´t know exactly what it means. In a very short form and without going into mathematical explanations we are going to explain the term with some examples. Price elasticity of demand (PED) refers to the elasticity or evolution of the demand of a certain product or service when it´s price varies. It is represented by a curve on a graph where axis (Y) indicates the price and... + read more

Who are your competitors?

It seems a simple enough question, although many e commerce are not sure who their real competitors are, making it difficult to manage correctly their pricing strategy. Our first approach could be to think that any e commerce that sells the same products as us is our competitor. In theory it is like this, but not in practice, since sharing a partial product assortment does not imply that the objective public to which both shops are directed is the same. Is a small online market place a... + read more