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Our contribution to help beat COVID-19.

Spain, which is where we have our Headquarters, like many other countries, is suffering the consequences of this major pandemic caused by Covid-19. In these difficult times, any help which each of us can provide will make a huge difference to the outcome. For this reason, we at Minderest have decided to contribute by supporting the Red Cross and their Covid-19 Emergency project with a donation of €10,000. Thanks to this project, one million people will receive care and telephone support... + read more

How the price war affects the shopping cart

The implementation of pricing strategies also comes into play for products in the supermarket. In fact, the battle to achieve the best prices is even tougher here than in other sectors due to the high concentration of edible products from various brands and with very similar characteristics. The appearance of new brands or new business models can threaten the retailers in the sector, who will have to reduce profit margins and find ways to maintain their market share. What other consequences can... + read more

3 keys to increasing your eCommerce traffic in 2020

Every marketing manager is aware of the great importance web traffic holds for their eCommerce business. Driving the highest possible number of interested users to your website is key to boosting sales, especially in the beginning when the business has just entered the market. For that, the most powerful tool continues to be SEO. But this is a sector that is constantly changing. Each year, new trends in organic positioning appear that need to be implemented to attract new customers to your... + read more

How to adapt your pricing strategy to your buyer persona

In terms of marketing, the buyer persona is one of the elements that stand out most. Since traditional marketing strategies have begun to steer towards personalisation and 100% adaptation to the user, it’s become more than necessary to identify the public groups that the brand wants to target, one by one. An exhaustive knowledge of specific audiences improves the communication between the brand and the same. In the same way, it allows any eCommerce business to adapt its... + read more

Push notifications, the new user-tailored ads

Despite the enormous amount of information users receive each day, push notifications have the power to capture their attention and direct them to your eCommerce business. We consider push notifications to be the instant messages received on our mobile devices for commercial purposes, ranging from WhatsApp messages to notifications within a specific app or SMS. This is a very effective tool for attracting new customers and for gaining their loyalty. Why? Because of its wide degree of... + read more