Shipping costs: How does logistics affect online prices?

Shipping costs
An e-commerce site’s shipping costs tend to affect the consumer’s final purchase decision, especially if they are high. These additional charges can result in abandoned baskets and impact the user buying experience. On the other hand, offsetting shipping fees with higher selling prices can also damage the brand’s image. How can we find a balance between reasonable shipping costs and competitive prices? Below we will cover the main shipping cost models and their advantages and... + read more

Data Storytelling: how to tell stories with data

Data Storytelling
Data Storytelling involves presenting the results of data analysis with a narrative discourse supported by graphics. It allows you to go further than a mere automatic report. It allows you to convert the analysis generated by Big Data into accessible documents that optimise decision-making. The aim is to construct a story that shows how and why the figures change over a specific time period, clearly and simply. From Minderest, we explain the benefits and how to implement Data Storytelling in... + read more

How to attract the conscious consumer

Conscious consumer
The conscious consumer is committed to the environment and sustainable development. It is a growing profile and one which businesses need to understand. Generally, the conscious consumer tackles purchases with a more critical eye. Before purchasing, these consumers ensure that they are informed about each item’s quality and production process, delivery chain, carbon footprint, and the ethics and values of the brand or e-commerce business. Their main aim is to contribute to protecting the... + read more

The Wow effect: How to win customers

Wow effect
The wow effect is an e-commerce’s ability to amaze customers and convert them into admirers of the store or brand. Products for sale, services offered, or prices advertised can induce surprise or fascination. Whichever is true, the wow effect creates a much more satisfactory buying experience for customers. As prices are so important in the final buying decision, today we will explain how to achieve the wow effect with unique prices whilst remaining competitive.  Firstly, you... + read more

What is Recommerce? Here are some success stories

Recommerce or reverse commerce is the selling of second-hand products online by established brands or by using platforms exclusively designed for recommerce. This is a growing trend due to a significant change in customers’ attitudes. Customers are increasingly looking for products that are environmentally friendly and aligned with sustainable development goals. Estimates suggest that recommerce will grow between 15% and 20% per year over the next five years. As it means so much to... + read more