How the LIFT Model helps you analyse your conversion

Providing a good user experience to visitors on your website is essential to improve conversion. That is unquestionable. But how do you achieve it? There are many elements on a product page and each one plays an important role: the images, the texts, the price, the delivery date, the buy button etc. The need to improve the conversion leads us to seek perfection in each of these elements, reaching the maximum detail: the perfect extension of the descriptions, the optimal light in the photos or... + read more

Minderest and Capgemini sign a partnership

Capgemini, a leading consult company, and Minderest, the first Spanish pricing company, sign an agreement to boost their customers' competitiveness by integrating Minderest's solution into retailers and manufacturers' production chain. Through this agreement, companies can benefit from a full integration of the information collected by Minderest allowing them to make intelligent pricing and stock decisions that will boost their sales and profits. About Capgemini: With more than... + read more

Three Pricing strategies: cost, value and competition

One of the things that most influences the purchase decision on the internet is the price and this is very well known to ecommerce. An online store should offer its users interesting products and services at very attractive prices, in a digital environment where competition is fierce and in which the decision to buy or not can be taken because of just a few cents difference. In this context, a good pricing strategy can be the decider of success of an ecommerce. Among the different alternatives... + read more

Aspects to take into account in the product page to influence the purchase

The base of your ecommerce is well developed. In the technical part you have a good platform and good developers, and the infrastructure is well sized. In the design and functionality part you have invested so that the user experience is the best, so that your customers can buy easily. However, you would like the conversion to be greater. To overcome the challenge of influencing the purchase, you must take into account a series of details, those fine adjustments that can give you the boost... + read more

3 keys to present the prices on your product page

One of the essential elements in an ecommerce is the price of the products, and their perception by the potential buyers is a key factor to encourage the purchase. That is why the pricing strategy of an online store should not only focus on issues related to the economic value of the product, but should also be concerned about how to submit their prices on the product page. The price can be presented in different ways, depending on the costs involved. We will analyse the 3 aspects of the price... + read more