12.12: Online discount event in Southeast Asia

On December 12, Southeast Asia hosts 12.12, a massive online shopping and discount event similar to Singles Day. The event began in 2014. Estimates of last year’s e-commerce site traffic suggest an increase to 5 times the usual volume on this date. Consumer interest is high, and it is close to Christmas. Therefore, this is an ideal date for e-commerce businesses with a presence in Southeast Asia to revise their pricing strategy and adapt to the barrage of offers, to increase their... + read more

What is Retargeting Tuesday?

What is retargeting Tuesday
Retargeting Tuesday is a day that aims to convert users who visited e-commerce stores but failed to complete their purchase on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. It takes place on the Tuesday after these two dates. It aims to impact the high percentage of consumers who abandon their shopping baskets on Black Friday, which is estimated to be 70%. Retargeting campaigns involve targeting your ads and promotions to users who already know your e-commerce site. These customers will potentially be more... + read more

Protect your brand and preserve the halo effect

Protect your brand and preserve the halo effect
The halo effect is a cognitive bias by which a single quality or characteristic conditions consumers’ perception of the entire brand. A single trait creates a halo or aura that permeates the whole company. This halo effect tends to stem from first impressions, so the whole brand will be seen in a good light if the first impression is positive. Applying the halo effect in marketing has enormous potential, helping brands to strengthen their corporate image and have a closer relationship... + read more

Consumer behavior: How can behavior tracking be effective for setting the right pricing strategies?

How Can Behavior Tracking be Effective for Setting the Right Pricing Strategies
Behavior tracking is becoming massively popular today. As a result, pricing strategies born from studying consumer behavior are a merchant's dream come true. If done right, it can conquer every market for the business quickly. With abundant data available, the strategic makeover of the pricing models is becoming easy for companies.    What is behavioral tracking, and how is the data beneficial in pricing? For a quick understanding, behavioral tracking refers to gaining in-... + read more

Good-Better-Best pricing strategy

Good-Better-Best pricing strategy
The Good-Better-Best (G-B-B) pricing strategy involves creating three price bands or tiers for different product or service bundles. Each level includes better features or functionality than the one below, so consumers are encouraged to upgrade to a better product. It is based on the premise that customers do not always choose the lowest prices. They consider other aspects before making their final decision, such as the quality of the goods or services. Although it seems a simple strategy on... + read more