Pricing scale techniques for eCommerce businesses: what they depend on and how to successfully implement them

When expanding or internationalising, one of the main challenges for an eCommerce business is how to scale the prices in its catalogue. We’ve already talked about the importance of this new localised pricing strategy and the need to adapt it to the online store’s target market. But there are so many other factors to consider when making this transition. By using price scaling techniques for your eCommerce business, you’ll be able to control the margin your store needs to... + read more

A guide to customer care in eCommerce businesses: strengthen the role of the online brand advisor

One of the pillars for developing your online business is customer service. The value that customers place on the support and help they receive in an online store is constantly increasing. Community managers, consultants, chatbots… A wide variety of options exist, but the key is finding the perfect combination to earn high ratings from your customers. This, in turn, will allow you to initiate a relationship of trust with your target audience – and maintain it. The customer... + read more

Dynamic pricing in the cart: what are the keys to this strategy?

Dynamic pricing strategies already form part of the path and planning of any online store. These are characterised by adapting to the market trends and to any activity in competitor’s pricing. However, there is one more factor to keep in mind and that’s the idiosyncrasy of each user. Is it possible to adapt the price of each product in the cart? And how can you do it successfully? Before diving into the matter, some fundamental questions must be answered about dynamic pricing... + read more

How can 404 error pages help your eCommerce business?

The 404 error page is one of the most feared pages for any online vendor. This is the error displayed to the user when the page they’re looking for doesn’t exist. Maybe it was deleted, the product is no longer sold, or, simply, the URL in the link is incorrect, for example. A priori, this is nothing more than one of the classic support pages. But nothing could be further from the truth. There are ways to exploit 404 errors in your eCommerce business to help you take... + read more

Create an eCommerce community with preferred prescribers

In the maelstrom that is online sales and shopping, the role of users as brand influencers has increased exponentially. Thanks to a current that flows against massification, a new way of buying online has been introduced, which involves the individualisation of the shopping experience and word-of-mouth recommendations. User-generated content is already an essential pillar for recruitment and loyalty strategies. This is where what we call preferred prescribers emerge from. These are users that... + read more