Amazon Seller and Amazon Vendor: which one to choose

Amazon Seller and Amazon Vendor
Amazon Seller and Amazon Vendor are the two sales options that this marketplace offers to eCommerce businesses that are looking to sell on its platform. In general, they’re characterised by the fact that in the Amazon Seller system, the eCommerce business is the owner of its products and it sells them directly to the customers through the marketplace. On the other hand, with the Amazon Vendor option, you become an Amazon supplier, which means that the eCommerce store sells its... + read more

PSD2: everything you need to know

The acronym PSD2 refers to the revised European Payments Services Directive, which has been in effect for electronic payments since September 2019. This is a European regulation whose main objective is to increase payment security and improve consumer protection. It also aims to increase the competitiveness of the online sector by evening out payment systems, putting large and small companies at the same level. Even though it’s mainly aimed at third-party payment platforms and... + read more

Is it possible to monitor your competitors’ offline prices?

Monitor your competitors’ offline prices
Yes. Because online prices tend to be different from those in the physical store, monitoring the offline prices of your competitors isn’t only possible, but also necessary. Companies that also compete offline need to know the pricing strategies of those brands that are relevant to their target audience. In the past, tools such as market surveys or media research made it possible to slowly collect information about the prices of your competition. Today, there’s software available... + read more

10 keys to selling more in marketplaces

Selling more in marketplaces
Selling your eCommerce products in different marketplaces is key to expanding your business and reaching a greater number of potential customers. Depending on the needs of your company and of your target audience, you can choose to include your catalogue in one marketplace or another, ranging from Amazon to Etsy. When defining the best sales and distribution strategies on these platforms, it’s best to keep a series of guidelines in mind to optimise sales. Our first recommendation is to... + read more

What is multichannel marketing?

Multichannel marketing
Multichannel marketing is a strategy that aims to launch campaigns on different platforms, mediums, and formats simultaneously. It’s a very useful tool for eCommerce businesses since it allows a single marketing campaign to be distributed through multiple channels to increase its visibility and reach a higher number of potential customers. Among the possible communication channels are both online and offline mediums: print newspapers, television, billboards, websites, social networks, and... + read more