4 Psychological factors to adjust the prices of your Ecommerce

Price is one of the elements that has the greatest influence in the decision to buy online, this is something known and studied from the beggining of online sales. Some of these studies, such as Price Waterhouse Coopers, conclude that the price affects the purchase decision in up to 60% for known products or markets. This percentage increases even more when the purchase is of emerging or novel products, as the study of Global Retail E-Commerce of ATKearny says. Given the vital importance of... + read more

BQ chooses Minderest as their Price monitoring tool

The Spanish company BQ, known for its mobile phone devices, tablets and e-books, selects Minderest as the tool for price and stock monitoring in their distribution channel. The extensive experience of our company in the technology sector, together with the precision and quality of the data obtained, makes Minderest the ideal tool for tracking recommended prices in the online channel. BQ, one of the leading Spanish technology companies was created in 2010 and today operates globally, with more... + read more

This was the price strategy of Amazon Prime Day

Last Monday, July 10, Amazon began 30 hours of great discounts for its Prime customers. At Minderest, we wanted to analyse in detail the pricing strategy carried out by Amazon on one of its star days. For the elaboration of this study a random sample of all the categories, with a volume close to one third of the products that were offered during the 11 of July was selected. Starting the analysis with the type of assortment, the average price of the offers analysed was approximately € 79... + read more

How manufacturers should act to protect their pricing policies

Manufacturers face major challenges in maintaining their pricing policy in the digital environment. They define various pricing policies to ensure that the brand image and perceived value of their products is maintained consistently at all points of contact. But in the digital environment, with its dynamics and speed, establishing pricing policies with distributors and ensuring that these agreements are met are two very different things.  Price policy and legal issues Pricing policies... + read more

The key to a dynamic pricing strategy

The idea of ​​dynamic prices is as simple but potential: adjust prices to demand. Dynamic pricing strategies are not new, since the 1980s airlines have used this way of fixing prices for their tickets. Of course, we must not forget that these pioneers of dynamic prices defined according to the demand worked with computer systems very advanced for that time. A dynamic pricing strategy for an ecommerce starts from the same source, that is, react to demand to modify prices to maximize sales and... + read more