InSite™ Analytics

Check if your prices are above or below your competitors while browsing their websites

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Ecommerce price tracking browser extension for Chrome and Firefox
Price promotion and stock tracking browser extension for Chrome and Firefox

Compare prices, stock, and shipping costs without leaving retailers’ websites

InSite™ Analytics is a price tracking extension for web browsers developed by Minderest that allows you to quickly check prices, promotions, stock, and even shipping costs, filtering by postcode. It is easy to do all this while you browse the eCommerce or marketplaces of retailers you routinely monitor.

  • Access more intuitive and comparative information in real-time.
  • Compare shipping costs filtering by postcode.
  • Find out from the website if their price is higher or lower than yours.

Find out your online competitiveness index

Reveal your competitive position in relation to each retailer you monitor. Simple colour-coding reveals if your price is the same, above, or below the retailer you are viewing. Find out at a glance if your price is not optimal and requires analysis. Minderest’s extension also allows brands and manufacturers to detect deviations from the RRP.

Online competitive analysis browser extension for Chrome and Firefox

11 of the world’s 50 largest retailers use Minderest

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