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Tools for retailers and brands

Minderest’s Pricing Tools are a complete suite of cloud-based tools for retailers and manufacturers/brands that are looking to enhance their price positioning in online and offline channels. Endorsed by some of the most prestigious Fortune 500 companies, SaaS price monitoring allows retailers to react quickly to competitor sales strategies, while helping brands anticipate price wars within their distribution channel.

How can Minderest’s tools help you?

eCommerce evolves at a rapid pace, with thousands of prices changing in just 24 hours, affecting your company’s strategic positioning. Minderest’s Pricing Tools provides you with valuable competitive information, helping you to anticipate market changes and streamline your decision-making process.

Product Detail

Solutions for retailers

Solutions designed to respond to retailers pricing needs:

- Price Intelligence: intelligent price analysis through graphical, historical and trend representation. Visualise the price positioning of your assortment from a global category perspective or drill-down to a detailed product view to better understand how it is positioned.

- Competitor price monitoring: daily tracking of competitors’ prices and stock in any country, language or currency, with high data coverage and accuracy.

- InStore: price and stock check physical competitors, inStore is for those companies that need to control their traditional, offline, channel.

- Catalogue Intelligence: complete analysis of a competitor’s assortment to find out what references may be missing from your assortment and what new products are coming to market. Access to valuable product information such as descriptions, images, EAN’s, MPN’s, etc.

- Repricing: continuous, automatic, rules-based repricing system and competitive price evolution for your business.

- Dynamic pricing: evolved system of repricing incorporating artificial intelligence and business information in decision making.

Solutions for brands and manufacturers

Solutions designed to respond to each of the pricing needs of brands and manufacturers:

- MAP and/or MSRP Monitoring: monitoring of recommended prices of distributors and detection of infringements by identifying vendors. Be the first to know your channel’s price changes ahead of price wars.

- MSRP inStore: check recommended prices at physical distribution outlets. Also find out which high-street prices violate your market positioning policy.

- Distribution Channel Analysis: monitoring the assortment of the distribution channel allows you to know how other competing brands are positioning themselves and what new products they launch to the market.


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