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10 of the World's Top 50 retailers monitor prices with Minderest

Minderest helps us to understand the smartphone price development of our main competitors in the Telefonica worldwide footprint. In Minderest we found a trusted partner with the capability to monitor prices and provide insights globally, appreciating as well their high flexibility and grade of service customization, which is making our life much easier.

Why work with Minderest

1.- Best coverage and quality ratio of product matchings on the market: if you are familiar with pricing software, you will know that the most important point is the precision of the product comparison. Minderest guarantees the highest levels of precision and coverage, even in the absence of EANs or even with OEM brands.

2.- Usability, potency and personalisation: the intuitive design of our pricing software allows any member of your organisation to obtain the maximum efficiency. Our development team is available to develop functions your company may require.

3.- Client support: from the initial training to day to day performance our team will accompany you to meet your objectives.