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Distributors price tracking tool for manufacturers
MAP and MSRP monitoring

Find out your distributors’ current prices

  • Identify deviations from the MSRP with access to retail price data for each product, and spot potential violations of your MAP policy.
  • Set alerts to notify you of promotion launches, price changes, or when stock runs out, etc.
  • Track the location of all the players selling your products and spot unauthorized distributors fast.

Monitor how they sell your brand

Look beyond pricing and find out how distributors display your brand’s products. Save time reviewing and analysing by having all the data at your fingertips in one tool.

  • Check each product file attribute, for example, name, photos, description etc., and approve or reject each attribute to see each retailer’s content compliance percentage.
  • Extract the entire product range from any e-commerce where you want to conduct a market study and review your brand’s presence. Monitor everything from product images and descriptions to ratings and reviews.
Ecommerce brand positioning analysis

Watch our platform in action

  • How to monitor your distributors.
  • How to stay on top of what your competitors are doing.
  • How to improve your brand positioning.
Competitor comparative product sheet monitoring for brands

Keep track of your competitors

Access each retailer’s entire catalogue to find out if your competitors have more items listed, and if so, what they are, their selling price, and whether they are in stock. You can filter by product type, brand, and category to find out each brand’s positioning; you also have access to the price history to discover the minimum and maximum prices displayed over time.

Compare equivalent products from different brands

Find out the retail prices for equivalent products from other brands. Compare your products and those with similar characteristics from different brands or manufacturers. With simple colour coding, find out if your price is the same, above, or below, and the product’s rating with each retailer.

Comparative product sheet comparison for manufacturers
Custom competitor product matching and comparison without SKU EAN

Get accurate matching even without product codes

We guarantee accurate matching because we have the best technology and team:

  • The most advanced artificial intelligence matching algorithm on the market.
  • Manual matching to go beyond the reach of technology. Manual matching can be managed by our team of matching experts or any member of your company within our platform, for maximum matching accuracy, even without an EAN or UPC code.

Maintain a constant and up-to-date flow of data

See all critical information wherever it’s most useful for you, whether in our tool with fully customizable, intuitive dashboards or by automated integration into a Business Intelligence solution or your company’s ERP.

Keep your team’s fingers on the pulse with comprehensive and intuitive personalized reports. Set alerts about changes to prices, stock and relevant promotions in your distribution channel and receive an email notification whenever they occur.

Distributors high quality data monitoring
Distributors ecommerce pricing data Security SSO ISO 27001

We guarantee quality data and safe processes

  • Our data is accurate, comprehensive, consistent, reliable and up-to-date, so that you can rely on your analysis.
  • We are ISO 27001 Certified, guaranteeing information confidentiality, integrity, and availability.
  • We use a Single Sign On authentication process that prevents password entry errors that often contribute to cyberattacks.

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