MAP & MSRP Monitoring

Monitoring both minimum advertised and recommended retail prices together with stock for brands and manufacturers

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Prices and promotions monitoring

Monitor MSRP prices in your distribution channel in any country, currency or online shop, on a daily basis, avoiding price wars and aggressions in your channel. You can directly monitor an e commerce distributor, price comparison websites like Google Shopping, Idealo or even individual merchants in a marketplace like Amazon or eBay.

Monitor your distribution channel

Screenshot of MSRP variation on your distributors website

Minderest provides automatic screenshots of any price variation detected on distributor eCommerce sites, this guarantees the veracity of the monitored data and help streamline this task.

Data history

With our unlimited data history you will know, long-term, how product price, stock, brands and categories develop over time, helping you to decide which moment and price strategy to use in product launches. Analyse the price evolution over time to discover what price strategy each distributor applies, determining which companies monitor each other and with what profit margin.

Price history of your distributors

Availability check

Know in real time when the stock of a product is out in your distribution channel, being able to proceed in replacing it and preventing your brand being at a disadvantage compared to your competition. Your team will receive an alert by email telling you which distributors and which products are out of stock, also being able to integrate this notification in your own systems with a CSV file.

InSite™ Analytics

Visualise pricing and stock information of each eCommerce in your distribution channel. InSite offers you intuitive pricing software to help you construct your pricing strategies in the environment that you best know; your online distribution channel. For each distributor you will become acquainted with our colour pricing map, allowing you to detect those retailers that are deviating the MSRP.

Price and stock in the distribution´s Ecommerce


Over 20 configurable graphs at your disposal within the most complete pricing dashboard for brands and manufacturers in the market. Designed by retail and pricing experts, you will be able to analyse all relevant data for strategic decision making therefor allowing you to see non authorised distributors that may harm your brand's reputation, and even ratings and opinions of your products and those of your competitors. All graphics can be exported for use in your presentations or reports.

Analyse prices in your distribution channel

Alerts and reports

Configure unlimited alerts and reports that will notify you by email when changes in price, product or stock are produced in the distribution channel, allowing you to filter the results thanks to our advanced filters. Design your own reports determining which fields you wish to export and with what frequency, disposing of as many reports as you require from our report manager.

Data export

You can export any data from our application in CSV or XLSX format with just one click. For more advanced integrations, we have a simple API that can easily connect your systems (ERP, BDD) with Minderest.

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