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These companies put their trust in us

These companies put their trust in us

Retailers and brands from all over
the world monitor prices with us

Competitor price and stock monitoring in any country, language, or currency with comprehensive and accurate data.

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Boost your BI tool with our powerful API

  • Make your metrics more understandable, comparable, and actionable by using data provided by Minderest. Make decisions about any area or department in your company.
  • You can combine the information collected by Minderest with data from any area or department in your business: Marketing, Pricing, Sales, Finance, etc.
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Your data is safe with us

  • Our Information Security Management System follows the guidelines of the ISO 27001 standard
  • We use the Single Sign On authentication method. It has significant advantages for your company’s security since it avoids typical password entry errors that often contribute to cyber-attacks.
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We provide you with the most valuable data that will help you optimize your pricing strategy.

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We always work with your KPIs in mind to focus on your company’s objectives.

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