A Customer Success team to ensure you achieve your objectives

Minderest Customer Success Team

Our Customer Success team delivers a strategic vision of how each of our solutions is used and is key to achieving objectives. This is why our international team are highly qualified, multidisciplinary, and professional experts who provide customer service in 5 languages. They deliver service of the highest level and are perfectly placed to ensure you benefit from the fruits of our software from day one.

A tailor-made plan for success

Your success is ours. Our primary focus is ensuring that our platform helps you to meet your objectives. We also want you to obtain a return on your investment in the shortest possible time. Therefore, a member of our professional team manages your account, gains an exhaustive knowledge of your company’s challenges, and develops a Success Plan which defines phases and KPIs. This ensures that both teams are aligned and that we can always provide the best solution in light of the outcome of the results obtained.

Constant support

We tailor our customer service to your business and assign a Customer Success Manager who will support you every step of the way. They start by analysing your needs to help focus on the key points that will give you the edge that only our platform can offer. They also handle the first contact with the solution by delivering a detailed onboarding session. This relationship includes unlimited training and proactive monitoring, allowing us to advise on best practices and address any concerns that may arise.

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