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Suite of cloud based pricing tools for retailers
Retail competitor price tracking

Know your competitors’ prices

Minderest enables you to monitor any aspect of your competitors’ data: pricing, promotions, stock, or shipping costs.

Receive customised alerts and reports when changes occur on your competitors’ sites to help you react agilely to threats in the market.

Identify new product opportunities

Use powerful Catalogue Intelligence to analyse your competitors’ entire ranges in-depth. Find out about their categories, brands, top products, and pricing strategies.

With our catalogue alerts, you can identify new product trends and opportunities. Minderest helps you with pricing decisions and which products to include in your range.

Retail competitor assortment tracking

Watch our platform in action

  • Monitor your competitors’ prices on a dashboard.
  • Find out about any retailer’s entire catalogue.
  • Discover how our platform helps you improve your profit margin.
Dynamic pricing optimization tool for retailers

Optimise your prices and maximise sales and profits

Generate prices agilely for thousands of products in a matter of minutes. Design advanced pricing rules based on market positioning, elasticity of demand, or cost, to optimise your sales and profit targets.

You can combine more than 5 data sources that will be processed with machine learning techniques. This will allow you to implement a dynamic pricing strategy that adjusts better to your needs at any time. By creating sophisticated elasticity models, you will be able to predict how a price change will impact turnover before finalising a decision.

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Amazon Price Comparison

Monitor prices on Amazon. Agile access to pricing data from any seller on the marketplace and keep up with their constant fluctuations, promotions and stock availability.

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Price Monitoring on Google Shopping

Check out the top offers on Google Shopping and constantly monitor your competitors’ movements on this price comparison site. Find out which companies are at the top of the list and their products’ prices.

Big Data syncro and API integration for BI

Our Big Data synchronised with your systems

We make it possible to integrate information from any system, whether you use BI tools or process data manually.

  • Access our Big Data from API, link a .json document to your systems or download the data on a spreadsheet.
  • Combine the information collected by Minderest with data related to any of your business areas or departments — sales, finance, CRM, or data science — and get a global view of your company.

Data quality and high security throughout the process

  • We guarantee the quality of our data. Our data is accurate, comprehensive, consistent, reliable and up-to-date.
  • Our ISO 27001 Certification guarantees the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information.
  • We use the Single Sign On authentication method to avoid errors and cyber-attacks that threaten your company’s security.
Retail pricing data Security SSO ISO 27001

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11 of the world’s 50 largest retailers use Minderest

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