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Suite of pricing tools for ecommerce managers
Competitor price discovery tool for ecommerce managers

Find out the price your consumers are willing to pay

Price is one of the most influential factors when closing an online transaction. Do you know if your prices are competitive? We make it easy to find out. From Minderest, we offer you a comprehensive and continuously updated competitor pricing database. You can find out if your prices align with the market or if you need to rethink your strategy. Find the optimal price your consumers are willing to pay by analysing data and launching captivating campaigns.

Be meticulous with product presentation

Improve your product files with detailed product presentations that ensure the consumer has no qualms about completing the purchase in your eCommerce. We make it possible for you to monitor other distributors to ensure you include all the necessary data and check that it is correct and completely up to date. You can check product by product, by brand, or by category, whether they have any data that you still need to include. On the other hand, you may have hit the nail on the head with product files that are better than your competitors.

Product sheet info tracking for ecommerce managers

Improve the performance of your eCommerce with Minderest

  • Win over your consumers with the right price.
  • Focus on the finer details in the product file.
  • Keep campaigns and stock management under control.

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ROI metrics based on self-reported data from over 35 customers of Minderest, between 2020 and 2023.
Perfumes's Club

Perfume’s Club guarantees the lowest price without discounts.

Perfume’s Club increased sales by 40% on Black Friday while remaining the most cost-effective option at all times. The company achieved this by monitoring promotions and reacting agilely to competitors’ movements.

Competitor price and promotion tracking tool for ecommerce managers

Launch persuasive promotions and manage your stock

Do you have excess stock of one product and another which is about to sell out? Make sure sluggish items fly out the door with appropriate campaigns that ensure consumers’ attention stays focused on promotions rather than being distracted by other products that are about to sell out. With dynamic pricing, you can be confident in taking your pricing strategy, promotions, and stock control to the next level. Get a demand forecast to manage your stock using the most advanced AI and machine learning algorithms. Optimize profits from day one.

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