InStore™ Offline Price Checking

Price and stock checking in brick-and-mortar stores

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InStore price tracking app for POS
Store price checking app

Check offline prices as well

InStore™ is the first in-store price checking app on the market. It enables any online or offline company to find out about the prices, promotions, and stock of brick-and-mortar retailers. Its main advantages include the following:

  • Five times more cost-effective than outsourcing data capture.
  • Ten times faster and five times more accurate than manual price capture.
  • Real-time price synchronization with Minderest’s pricing tool.

Collect omnichannel information: Offline and online

Centralizing pricing and stock information from online and offline channels will make price management in your company so much easier. Integrating both data sources in the same tool makes it possible to compare strategies and find out what your competitors are up to in both online and physical channels. You can also ascertain if their prices are above or below the RRP. Access to this data will make it easier for you to recognize each distributor’s strategy, the margins they apply in each channel, or even find out the channels where they market most aggressively.

Omnichannel price tracking tool

11 of the world’s 50 largest retailers use Minderest

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