Catalogue Intelligence

Competitor Catalogue Analysis for Retailers and Brands

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Catalogue Intelligence software
Assorment and catalogue analytics

Analyse your competitors’ entire product ranges

  • Analyse your competitors’ entire catalogues. Filter by product type, brand, and category. Access any information displayed in the eCommerce store or marketplace where your competitors sell.
  • Check each product’s price and stock history, find out the retailer’s strategy and be the first to know when they add new products to their catalogues.

Benchmark your products

Find out which products appear in your competitors’ catalogues and yours with our precise matching process.

Minderest has the most advanced matching algorithm on the market, capable of matching identical, similar and even own-brand products. This way, you will get a clear view of the most competitive items and easily identify those for which you are at an advantage.

Competitor product matching and comparison via SKU EAN or custom

In-depth knowledge of any distributor’s catalogue with Minderest

  • Find out the products you have in common with competing retailers.
  • Monitor which products each retailer sells from other manufacturers.
  • Download the entire catalogue and integrate it into your management tools.
Competitor or distributor catalogue assortment change alerts

Receive notifications when price changes occur.

Set up unlimited alerts to receive email notifications each time a retailer adds new products or there are changes in price or stock for the items they sell from your brand.

Share information easily with your colleagues with customizable reports. Determine which fields you want to export and how often. Create as many reports as you need from our reports manager.

Access comprehensive dashboards

Monitor how many products each distributor has in its catalogue, the new items they add each month, and the growth rate. You can also monitor their price changes to determine if they are dynamic or static, active promotions or even each item’s stock percentage. All this information is presented in intuitive and customizable graphs explicitly designed for better analysis of your competitors’ product ranges.

Competitor catalogue data dashboards
Catalogue data export and API integration for business intelligence

Integrate the data into your tools with our API

Export each player’s entire catalogue with just one click, giving access to any of the captured data. You can integrate this data source into your systems easily with our API connection. This will allow you to crossmatch data and even enhance your catalogue with EANS, MPNs, SKUs, images or descriptions taken from other eCommerce stores and marketplaces.

Quality data and high-level security throughout the process

  • We guarantee 100% quality. Our data is accurate, comprehensive, consistent, reliable and up-to-date.
  • We are ISO 27001 Certified, guaranteeing information confidentiality, integrity, and availability
  • We avoid errors and cyber-attacks that threaten your company’s security using the Single Sign On authentication method.
Assorment and catalogue data Security SSO ISO 27001

11 of the world’s 50 largest retailers use Minderest

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