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Price & Business Intelligence

Minderest’s Price Intelligence solution allows you to know, from a global perspective, how your pricing strategy positions each of your brands and categories, providing true business intelligence on which to base your decision making.

Unlike other tools that only allow price visualisation at product level, our solution allows you to extract the relevant information from the millions of "price-points" captured daily for a more exhaustive study, from an integral position, that allows you to understand how the market evolves and with it its current positioning.

Discover your competitiveness index

The information collected daily by our Price Intelligence software presents you with the most relevant metrics for your business in over 20 different graphs.

You will be able to know what your price indexes are, and how they compare with your competitors by brand and category, discovering in an agile way in which of them your offer is not competitive and needs to be analysed.

In addition, you will not only be able to know your current positioning, but also to check its evolution over time and thus understand how it has affected the development of your sales.


Learn about market trends

Be able to identify rising and falling price trends in the market by interpreting price and index trend graphs, which will allow you not only to be more precise in launching your campaigns but also to manage your product assortment purchases, detecting those products and categories which will or will not be popular in the future.

Anticipate sales campaigns

Understanding how you and your competitors price campaigns were successful can be key when defining new strategies. Analyse what pricing strategy each of your competitors followed during the previous Black Friday (for example) to anticipate and be the winner in future campaigns. You will know which assortment they offered, for how long, and in what percentage they applied their discounts.

Base your pricing decisions on data

Attend your meetings with Price Intelligence data and reports to support and defend your strategic pricing decisions. Understanding the actions of your competitors and the evolution of the market will help you make wise decisions that you can also monitor to ensure their correct evolution.

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