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Price Intelligence Tool
Pricing Business intelligence tool

Business pricing intelligence

  • Price Intelligence from Minderest lets you know from a global perspective how you can position your pricing strategy for each brand and category, providing accurate business intelligence on which to base your decision-making.
  • Our solution extracts relevant information from the millions of price points captured daily for a more exhaustive and comprehensive study, that allows you to understand how the market is changing, and your positioning.
  • Minderest has the most advanced matching technology on the market, combining both automatic and manual matching. This development makes it possible to match identical, similar, or white-label products, even without a product code.

Find out your competitiveness index

  • Our Price Intelligence software collects information daily and presents the most relevant metrics for your business visually in more than 20 graphics.
  • Find out your pricing index and positioning compared to your competitors, by brand or category. See at a glance if your offer is not competitive and requires analysis.
  • Compare your positioning over time to understand how it has affected your sales development, to help you make more appropriate and accurate decisions.

Optimize your pricing strategy with Minderest

  • Find out your pricing index and positioning.
  • Discover your competitors’ pricing strategies.
  • Integrate all the data into your management tools.
Competitor pricing trends forecast

Determine market trends

Identify rising or falling price trends in the market by interpreting graphs showing pricing indexes and trends. This information will help you to be more focused when launching campaigns and managing changes in your product range, to help you identify which products and categories might or might not be popular in the future.

Optimize major sales campaigns

Understanding how your promotion campaigns work, and those of your competitors, is key in defining new strategies. Analyse which pricing strategy each of your competitors followed during a major sales campaign, such as Black Friday, to stay one step ahead and come out on top next time. Find out first-hand what product range they sold, for how long, and the percentage discounts applied.

Price campaign management optimization
Pricing data integrations and BI

Pricing decisions based on quality data

In your meetings, present Price Intelligence data and reports that support and defend your strategic pricing decisions. Our data meets these requirements. It is accurate, comprehensive, consistent, reliable and up-to-date. Export data from our application with just one click using a 100% safe process. We’ve developed an API for more advanced integrations so that you can connect your business intelligence tools easily.

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