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Find out your competitiveness by comparing similar products from other brands

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Ecommerce comparative product matching by ecommerce product sheet
Similar product characteristics comparison for ecommerce

Compare the prices of similar products from different brands

If you are a manufacturer, it is in your interest to know the RRP (Retail Price) of other brands’ similar products that compete at the same level as yours. From Minderest, we make this process easier by streamlining the location of these products and enabling continuous comparison. A simple colour-coding system makes it easy to distinguish which items are higher, equal or lower priced and from which distributors.

Find out if other manufacturers have better ratings and reviews

In addition to the price, an item’s reviews and ratings from retailers, price comparators, shopping apps, etc. are also important to customers. More and more consumers analyse this data in the search for the perfect product to fulfil their needs. You may miss out on a sale if you do not pay attention to these aspects. With our solution, you can monitor ratings and reviews of other brands’ products with the same characteristics to see which is the highest rated.

Ecommerce comparative product matching for rating and review monitoring

Determine your competitiveness by comparing similar products with Minderest

  • Compare your prices with similar products from other manufacturers.
  • Find out the ratings and reviews left for your competitors’ products.
  • See all the data in fully customizable dashboards.

Up-to-date data to ensure you are always on the ball

Find out when any of the products you are analysing alter — for example, improve their competitiveness compared to yours, or increase their rating — by activating our notification system. You will receive an email as soon as any changes are detected. You can also customize the dashboard of our tool for direct access to the data and strategies that matter most to your company.

Competitive product high accuracy data for comparison
Competitive product high quality data for comparison

Ensure quality data and safe processes

  • Our data is accurate, comprehensive, consistent, reliable, and up-to-date, so that you can rely on your analysis.
  • We are ISO 27001 Certified, guaranteeing information confidentiality, integrity, and availability.
  • We use a Single Sign On authentication process that prevents password entry errors that often contribute to cyberattacks.

More than 100 leading brands put their trust in Minderest when making their pricing decisions

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