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Find out your competitors’ selling prices on Amazon

Product prices constantly change on Amazon, and keeping abreast of all the fluctuations feels like a wild goose chase without the help of technology. Minderest lets your business find out about price changes to ensure you don’t miss online sales opportunities.

  • Gain access to all the sellers’ catalogues. Many sellers on Amazon market the same products as you. Our tool helps speed up a process that is almost impossible by hand. It allows you to find all these sellers and extract data on the products listed in your catalogue, including prices, stock, images, descriptions etc.
  • Find out prices and shipping costs. It doesn’t cost the same to send a product to a place near a logistics hub, as to somewhere thousands of kilometres away. This is why it is crucial to be able to filter by postcode for more in-depth price monitoring.
  • Receive alerts with the latest changes. Finding out about your competitors’ price changes as soon as they occur, gives you the advantage so that you can react to them. Set up personalized alerts and receive an email notification when changes are detected.

Succeed with Amazon’s Buy Box

Put yourself in the pole position on Amazon, where most sales are closed. Analyse prices from your competitors and the market with our comprehensive dashboards. Determine your positioning — whether your prices are higher or more cost-effective. Set the optimal price to ensure you appear in the Buy Box.

With the benefit of historical data, you can monitor price changes over time and find patterns that will help you set the optimal price. With our Repricing function, you set price changes to be automated or semi-automated, depending on the changes happening in the marketplace.

Amazon buy box positioning
Amazon stock monitoring

Take advantage of your competitors’ stockouts

It is easy to run out of stock due to the vast number of transactions on Amazon. This could happen to one of your competitors or even to Amazon itself. You can take advantage of the situation to make a strategic move to ensure you close more sales.

Our tool shows the stock availability of each product. You can configure it to receive notifications when a product runs out of stock.

Monitor the selling price of your products on Amazon

We have the key if you are a manufacturer and need to know the prices of your brand’s products on Amazon. Our monitoring tool can access all the prices and provide well-structured information so you can track prices easily. You can also find out about active promotions, whether stock is available, and even identify unauthorized sellers with Marketplace Sellers Benchmark.

Amazon sellers tracking and comparison

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