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Knowing your competition prices can be a very complex and expensive task. Prices vary continuously and any information that we get today, may be out of date tomorrow unless we refresh this information periodically.

Minderest´s monitoring and competition analysis tool, allows retailers and manufacturers obtaining all their competitors´prices and sotck ir real time. In order to do so, we only need to set some simple alerts in which we will be able to define:

  • Products, brands and categories on which the alert will act. For example, an alert that notifies price changes on electronic items, and on the brand Bosch.
  • Percentaje of change from which the system will inform us. For example if a price changes more than a 5%, we will receive an e mail alerting us about the competitor which has made this price change.
  • Frequency for our notifications: Daily, monthly or weekly.

Thanks to the tool, obtaining our competitors´prices will be an easy task for the sales team, as this complex task has been delegated in Minderest powerful monitoring software.

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