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If we ask a product manager for the most important factor for a product to be top sales, he will probably answer the price. But for that premise to be fulfilled, our product would be also easy to find for our customers. It´s worthless having a very competitive price, if our customers can´t find that price in our ecommerce, and the first element to locate a product is its own name.

Name must contain the main features that truly describe the product, for instance:

  • Brand
  • Model
  • Colour/Flavour/Size/Dimension
  • Main Attributes

To highlight the preceding list, brand and model are indisputable elements that really tell us if this is the product we're looking for. The rest of keywords will facilitate customer purchase, since he would be able to check if the attributes match the product they wanted without having to read the entire description.

One of the top online retailers that best deal with product´s description is Amazon. We often find really long product description texts in Amazon that contrary to what we may think, are accurate, as they determine with high exactitude the product. Let´s have a look to this TV description illustrating this post photo:

"Samsung UE22H5000AW - Television (55,88 cm (22"), Full HD, 1920 x 1080 Pixels, Analogic and Digital, DVB-C, DVB-T, 6W) Black"

Simply reading the name, we´ll know if it’s actually the product we are looking for, and this is enough for a customer to click on the link that can be found on a web search result or a comparison web site.

How can we then determine which the best name for a product is? A very simple way would be to learn from the best; from the leading sales competitors in our market. With a Catalogue Intelligence tool, now it´s possible to know how your competitors name each of their products, being able to modify those descriptions  without enough information. Optimizing an ecommerce catalogue is, along with price and stock, the key factor for success.

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