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The key element for a successful e-commerce is undoubtedly its catalogue . It is obvious that if we don´t have a given product, we will never be able to sell it, hence the first step in our plan would be to design strategically  the assortment of our catalogue. Our main goal will be to have available the maximum number of top-sales products  but in addition,  we differentiate ourselfs from our competitors selling products that we only have available.

To detect these gaps in our assortment, we may use a Catalogue Intelligence tool, that allow us to match our products  with those of our competitors. This mapping process between catalogues, will allow us to identify those gaps in our assortment that is, those products that our competitors have but we don´t. On the other hand, we will also find products that we only sell, thus we can sell with higher margins, as we sell them exclusivily.

Going back to those gaps in our assortment, we can differentiate those products that are available only in one competitor from those that are present in more of them. The later will tell us that it is surely a top-sales product, as many of our competitors commercialise it.

Catalogue Intelligence technology applied to dozens of thousands products that can be found in an e-commerce, implies a significant increase in sales, something more than well known for companies like Amazon.

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