Why manufacturers should monitor marketplaces?

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Amazon, Rakuten, Pixmania, Fnac, they are known marketplaces where tens of thousands of small and medium businesses offer their products. The impact of marketplaces is growing, according to the "Ecommerce Foundation", it is estimated that by 2020 will represent  39% of all online retail sales.

The importance this channel is taking requires manufacturers to begin to monitor them, as  they have been made with the traditional retail. The reasons? An increase in sales volume every day, the emergence of new unauthorized resellers can harm the brand, and the failure of the policies of prices set by manufacturers (MAP).

Last but not least  is the source of  opinions that some marketplaces have built , such as Amazon, an ecommerce reference not only for its huge catalog but also for the millions and millions of views and comments  on their products. A clear and direct feedback have  an overall impact on sales figures from the manufacturers, who increasingly begin to process  those views to take them into account in new releases.

Check a few tens of retailers is a feasible task, but do it with thousands of merchants, it becomes an impossible task if you do not have the proper tools.

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