3 reasons to match on and off line Price policy

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Ecommerce has only been about a few decades and it is already revolutionising the commercial world as we know it. It is understandable that in spite of being different channels, there are many elements in common, but the question is, To what extent should they both come together to support each other instead of competing? One of the main dispute points is precisely the price, should it be the same or different? Let’s look at three argument to unify our price policy and with them take a step closer to the well know “Omni channel”.

1.    The first and most important: for the customer the distance between the ON and OFF line channels of a company is smaller, and they can go to one or the other according to their preference. The customer will not understand that despite being the same company the price should differ, even if the retailer has very good arguments about costs.

2.    Different prices on and off line transmit to the customer an image of des coordination, how is it possible that despite being the same company they don´t know which prices they offer their products in the online store? If the customer can instantly consult on their smartphone the online price of a product, it doesn´t seem logical that it is not within reach for a large company.

3.    And lastly, the important loss of Competitiveness. If we want our physical store to be successful, we will need it´s prices to be in line with the market, regardless of the purchase channel. As we are currently seeing, the price trend is more and more dynamic, and the physical shops will have to adapt to this to prevent their market share from being threatened by online giants like Amazon.

Although they are simple concepts, they represent a great challenge for traditional commerce, since they imply a great economic outlay on digital labels, computer infrastructures for price synchronization and the eternal question of if I change my prices 3 times a day in My ecommerce, should I do it also in my physical stores?

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