Which is the biggest Amazon in the World?

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The anecdote about Amazon and its well-known name, Jeff Bezos, its founder, wanted to baptize his project with a name that reflected its enormous size, and so decided on Amazon, the South American river, the widest of the world, so wide that the next on in order of size is remarkably less distance.  Today we will analyse the size of Amazon in the different countries in which it operates to discover how big it is and which are the countries in which its bet in assortment is greater.

To do this study we have obtained the total of products for sale that Amazon has in each of the 14 countries in which it is present, this does not mean that each and every one of them are different products, in fact many of them will be repeated, but it is a good way of knowing the potential of the visible assortment. It is important to note that this information was extracted on April 26, 2017, as the Amazon catalogue is in continuous movement and the changes are constant. Below we can see the ranking of Amazon countries according to the products for sale:

  1. Amazon US       371.371.285
  2. Amazon UK        298.956.307
  3. Amazon DE        288.109.944
  4. Amazon FR        244.012.127
  5. Amazon JP        201.634.759
  6. Amazon ES        198.881.585
  7. Amazon IT         191.408.902
  8. Amazon CA       142.657.245
  9. Amazon IN         141.939.124
  10. Amazon MX        81.281.745
  11. Amazon BR         32.830.395
  12. Amazon CN        17.411.870
  13. Amazon AU         5.702.087
  14. Amazon NL         5.548.683

As expected, the United States, the country where Amazon originated, has the highest number of products on sale, followed not far behind by the United Kingdom and Germany. The size of the host country does not seem to be at odds with Amazon's size, however in China the assortment is "barely" 17 million. So which are the markets where Amazon bets the most? If we break down the previous ranking by continents, we have:

  1. Europe        1.226.917.548
  2. America          628.140.670
  3. Asia                 360.985.753
  4. Oceania              5.702.087

Although the United States is the country with the highest number of products, if we take into account the total number of products in Europe, the figure is approximately double that of the total in America, an indicative of the importance of the old continent for the ecommerce giant.

We will finish the study with a mind blowing figure, by taking into account the total of products Amazon has on sale in the world; more than 2.2 billion products, figures that are only possible in the online world.


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