Minderest celebrates 5 years

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Ángela de la Vieja

Dear Blog readers,

In June we will be celebrating our first 5 years. We have grown a lot since we started in 2012, but above all, what motivates us to continue working is knowing that the first companies to place their trust in Minderest are still on board.

Today, ten of the twenty-five largest retailers in Europe use Minderest, demonstrating the high levels of demand we have been able to achieve. With a team of 20 professionals we work for more than 200 clients from 15 different sectors.

It has been a road of great technological challenges; the figures speak for themselves, more than 5,000 million prices collected so far from more than 1,000 portals in 35 countries.

And the best bit is that this adventure has only just begun :)

Thank you for joining us and being part of our story.

Antonio Tomás. CEO

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