Aspects to take into account in the product page to influence the purchase

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The base of your ecommerce is well developed. In the technical part you have a good platform and good developers, and the infrastructure is well sized. In the design and functionality part you have invested so that the user experience is the best, so that your customers can buy easily. However, you would like the conversion to be greater.

To overcome the challenge of influencing the purchase, you must take into account a series of details, those fine adjustments that can give you the boost that you need so that your users not only buy, but repeat.

The product page is the key space for the sale. It is the scenario where you have to take care of every detail and where you have to improve permanently in order to influence the purchase.

There are three points on the product page that can significantly increase your influence in your potential customers and can make the conversion experience a great improvement:

1. Photographs of product in use. The visual context of the product is essential to drive conversion. Many studies and tests show that the quality of the images can increase the conversion by up to 40%. A great improvement point is to give the user more contexts: offer 360º photographs, which allow him to see the product from all possible angles; and include images with the product in use.

This practice is already common in manufacturers from sectors as diverse as fashion, consumer technology or sport, where it is no longer enough to offer a product image to win the battle of conversion. Showing photographs of the product in use is essential to scale and human dimension.

2. Writing the information sheet. The text that accompanies a product is another of the critical elements for the user to make a decision. The expectation that the users have about the description of the products is not a mere collection of characteristics or a simple description that explains what is already seen in the photo.

Users expect at least relevant information. But if you also want to boost the conversion, the texts of the product listings must go further, they must present a product in an inspiring way and give the user 'emotive reasons' to buy. There are many experiments in this area; perhaps you remember the one of Meclabs with the Steve Jobs image. In this link you can see how you can achieve a 78% increase in conversion only with improved descriptions.

3. The delivery date. The certainty of receiving the product that the user is interested in buying soon is possibly one of the things that most influence the conversion along with the price. It is true that having the stock information in real time, and also submitting a deadline means a lot of effort for ecommerce. But the truth is that the effort is worth it: many studies, such as ComScore, show that 25% of users abandon the purchase process because the delivery date is not visible in the product sheet. So, however great the effort, it will have a sure reward in the form of conversion.

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