Who are my real competitors?

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It may seem like a simple question, with a very present answer in the Sales Manager of every company, but the truth is, that if you do not have enough information, the answer to the question may be wrong.

Two companies consider themselves competitors when they share the same public and the same sector, but, in the set of competitors, who stands out above the rest? Who is really my competitor?

The degree of competitiveness is reflected by the total number of products that both companies share, i.e. the competitiveness between 2 companies that share 2000 product references will be greater than the competitiveness with another company with only have 100 products in common .

To obtain this information, we must use Pricing Intelligence techniques, auditing the product catalogue of each of the companies that we want to consult, and then compare them to find out which companies are our real competitors, i.e., which is the set of companies with which I share a greater number of references.

If we look at the graph at the top of the page, in the set of companies analysed, Amazon would be the big competitor, with 40% of the total references found, followed by Tpo Informática and Alternate.

With this information, the company can make better strategic decisions, focusing their efforts on competing with those companies that really present a risk to their business.

And you? Do you know your who your real competitors are?

Angela de la Vieja
Content Manager
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