Growth analysis of the Amazon catalogue in the last 6 months

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About 6 months ago we analysed the total volume of assortment that the different Amazon´s have in the world, confirming that it is in Europe where more assortment is available. Let's see how the volume of products has evolved in the last 6 months, both in Amazon USA and in Spain.

Total products in Amazon USA 4/17: 371,371,285

Total products in Amazon USA 10/17: 613,829,698 (+ 65%)


Total products on Amazon ES 4/17: 198,881,585

Total products on Amazon ES 10/17: 244,524,644 (+ 23%)


In both cases the growth has been spectacular, taking into account that getting this evolution ratio in a catalogue of such volume is very difficult. In fact, only the volume of new products incorporated during the last 6 months is much larger than some of the world's TOPs have in their catalogues. So the question is how is Amazon capable of achieving such a product level? Surely the answer is in their Market Place, a meeting point for thousands and thousands of small businesses.

Angela de la Vieja
Content Manager
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