The 5 largest DIY retailers in Europe use Minderest

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The 5 largest DIY retailers in Europe use Minderest


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5 of the 5 most important groups in the DIY and garden sector in Europe are improving their profitability thanks to Minderest's Pricing Tools Suite.

The DIY market is one of the largest in Europe.

The DIY market is one of the largest in Europe and is forecast to be worth $380.6 billion by the end of 2024. It has experienced significant growth in recent years, driven by the consumer trend towards home improvement.

In an economically opportunistic context, DIY retailers and manufacturers have recognised the need to use the best technology to maintain and improve their position in an increasingly competitive sector.


Challenge for retailers: setting the right price.

Setting the optimal selling price is one of the main challenges they face. They are looking for a price that is in line with the market that attracts consumers, boosts sales and maintains a good profit margin. Minderest has proven to be their great ally, thanks to Price Intelligence and Catalogue Intelligence technology, retailers can know the movements of their competitors and react quickly to them.


Minderest, the most versatile pricing solution

"Gaining the trust of Europe's leading DIY groups demonstrates Minderest's leadership in one of the most complex sectors for price monitoring," says Antonio Tomás, CEO of Minderest, "We have the best coverage and data quality for brands and retailers, enabling them to make informed and strategic decisions”. 

Robustness is one of the most important qualities of Minderest as it allows processing and monitoring the vast catalogs of these clients who want to control hundreds of thousands of products, on different websites, and have the information available and updated every day. The versatility of these tools makes it possible to achieve a solution adapted to the needs of each player, such as:

  • Making matching and fair comparisons of products with different formats.
  • Detecting the components of each product.
  • Controlling shipping costs and stock availability.
  • Receiving all filtered information adapted to their management systems so they can have every required data when they need it.
  • Receiving alerts whenever a change of high interest to the company occurs.

Thanks to this, 5 of the 5 largest DIY, decoration and garden companies in Europe have found in Minderest the perfect tool.

Results support Minderest

Results support Minderest

  • Customer revenues achieve an increase of between 5% and 10%.
  • The return on investment is multiplied by 9.8 on average.
  • They increase productivity and save 80% of time in managing their pricing strategy.

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