How to bypass antibots when price scraping: Cloudflare, Resto, HSTS, reCAPTCHA, Akamai…

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How to bypass antibots when price scraping: Cloudflare, Resto, HSTS, reCAPTCHA, Akamai…


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In the dynamic eCommerce sector, price scraping has become a must-have solution to access competitors’ and distributors’ pricing data to remain competitive. The main challenge is the presence of security systems such as Cloudflare, Resto, HSTS, reCAPTCHA and Akamai. For efficient and effective price scraping, it is vital to elude these systems.

The following few lines tackle this topic. If you have gone this far in your quest to find price monitoring tools that effectively bypass antibots and ensure successful and reliable access to data, read on.

Understanding Price Scraping and the challenges posed by AntiBots

Price scraping or price monitoring is a prevalent eCommerce technique. It involves collecting pricing data from different websites, whether eCommerce or marketplaces. This allows online businesses to adjust their pricing strategy, remain competitive and respond quickly to market changes.

Meanwhile, antibots such as Cloudflare, Resto, HSTS, reCAPTCHA and Akamai are systems designed to protect websites from malicious bots. They identify and block suspicious automatic activities, including price monitoring. They are widely used on online sales websites to safeguard information and prevent data misuse.

Cloudflare and Akamai, for example, protect against DDoS attacks and abusive scraping, while reCAPTCHA differentiates between human users and bots. While these tools are critical to safeguarding online security, they can complicate legitimate and effective price scraping. Therefore, finding ethical and efficient ways to circumvent these obstacles, and access the necessary data to develop an informed pricing strategy, is vital.


Price scraping tools that bypass antibots

In the digital world, antibots are becoming increasingly complex and widespread. Effective tools are vital to access to competitors’ prices, catalogues, and stock data, successfully and safely, without breaching security barriers.

Techniques to bypass antibots

One of the most effective is IP rotation, which involves changing IP addresses to avoid detection by anti-scraping systems.

Another interesting tactic is adjusting the intervals between requests, i.e., changing how often scraping requests are made, to mimic human behaviour and avoid detection.

Customizing HTTP headers in scraping requests can also be worthwhile, as it helps present requests in ways that make them look like they come from a real web browser. 

Technology used by Minderest to successfully bypass antibots

To ensure continuous access to data, you need a tool capable of working around any obstacle planted by this anti-scraping technology. At Minderest, we employ advanced techniques that allow us to overcome increasingly sophisticated challenges to provide optimal data quality at all times.

Price scraping tools that bypass antibots

Benefits of effective price scraping

Relying on a company that can perform price scraping effectively brings numerous advantages to eCommerce:

  • Access to constantly updated pricing data. 
  • Greater understanding of the market and competitors’ pricing strategies.
  • Ability to react quickly to market changes and opportunities.
  • Identify pricing trends and patterns.
  • Vital when planning effective marketing strategies and promotions.
  • Allows proactive price changes to improve competitiveness.
  • Maximize profitability by changing prices based on current data.
  • Builds a solid foundation for informed decisions in a dynamic market.

At Minderest, we understand the importance of having up-to-date, secure, and reliable data. That is why we are one of the most popular companies chosen to monitor prices, promotions, catalogue and stock from any online retailer.

Find out how Minderest can take your business to the next level.

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