What’s SEO copywriting and what benefits does it offer?

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SEO copywriting is the creation of texts that will be attractive for eCommerce customers and optimising them for search engine positioning. Applying this technique allows online stores to attract customers and improve their SEO at the same time since the result is high-quality texts with a clear sales intention. To achieve the best results, SEO copywriting should be applied to all of your eCommerce webpages, including the homepage, categories, and product descriptions. To begin, you can analyse your competitors’ catalogues and check what terms they’re using for positioning. After that, we’d recommend following these steps to get all of the possible benefits.

SEO copywriting tips for companies 

1. Select your keywords based on search intentionality.

Use an online tool to identify interesting keywords based on your main search term. This result will give you semantically related keywords that you can use to enrich your content and make it higher quality. The more related keywords you use, the easier it will be to reach a wider audience, while always giving priority to those that directly match the users’ search intention.

At the same time, using automated tools will allow you to check the different metrics for each keyword, such as its search volume. Based on this, you can prioritise, placing the terms that are most search for by potential eCommerce customers in the title and the introduction to your content. Be careful not to fall into the trap of SEO cannibalisation, where different pages on the same website try to position themselves using the same term. 

2. Give your content a structure.

Both users and Google have to be very clear about the structure of your content. So, each text or product page must have

  • a short, attractive title with less than 70 characters 
  • a description that’s interesting for the customers, containing your keywords 
  • headings that separate the different parts of the text 

Each heading should have an HTML meta tag: H1, H2, H3… By doing this, you make it easier for the user to read while facilitating scanning by search engines. 

3. Improve the readability of your texts. 

Currently, one of the factors that are most highly valued by Google is the readability of the content. This refers to the creation of texts that are easy to understand, with simple sentences and short paragraphs. These are characteristics that users will also value. When they visit an eCommerce website, they’re not looking to read a piece of literature. They’re looking for information and solutions that meet their needs.

You can incorporate different CTAs, or calls to action, within the text that encourage potential customers to complete the sales process or request more information, which will help the brand appeal to them.

SEO Copywriting

The advantages of SEO copywriting for your eCommerce business

  • Posting quality content will set you apart from the competition
  • Greater transparency with users
  • Increased visibility
  • More traffic to your eCommerce website and more sales opportunities
  • A higher conversion rate 

As a whole, SEO copywriting is a way to attract customers and lead them to the “Checkout” button using compelling messages and keywords that match their interests. The final decision to buy one product or another will depend on your pricing. Combining competitive prices with good SEO copywriting will be key to increasing your sales and profits. 

Angela de la Vieja
Content Manager
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