Content Compliance

Monitor the product files on your distributors’ websites

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Ecommerce product sheet monitoring for content compliance
Ecommerce product info comparison

Monitor all the details in the product files

  • All the information included in your online distributors’ product files for your brand’s products is just a click away. You will be more agile, reduce the amount of time dedicated to monitoring, and, above all, improve product presentation quality.
  • Ensure that all your company’s efforts to build a brand are emulated on each distributor’s online sales platform.
  • This functionality allows you to review all the product file attributes (photo, name, description, features, and product details, etc.) and check they comply with your company’s established guidelines.

Ensure the quality of each product’s attributes

Quickly ascertain the brand standard compliance percentage and determine the quality of your distributors’ product files. Our platform allows you to approve or reject attributes easily. Check the photo, name, description, features and product details.

Filter the data by brand, distributor, attribute, and compliance, or create bespoke tags to segment by campaigns or categories within your catalogue. Set the general or specific attributes that you are interested in monitoring for different products and distributors.

Ecommerce product info tracking

Monitor your distributors’ content compliance with Minderest

  • Monitor all the data in the product file.
  • Find out each retailer’s content compliance percentage.
  • Identify unauthorized distributors.

Accurate matching without an EAN or UPC code

Comparing products with your competitors can be problematic. Sometimes they lack SKUs or UPCs or have errors in the product name. At Minderest, we do not rest on our laurels when technology reaches its limits. In addition to having the most advanced matching algorithm on the market, we have a team of experts who perform matching by hand. Alternatively, a member of your team can review the products within our platform. This is how we guarantee that we can match identical, similar or even white-label products.

Product info matching and monitoring
Unauthorized vendors monitoring on retail distributors

Identify unauthorized distributors

  • Monitor if your items are sold through unauthorized distributors. Find all the sellers who market your products and easily identify those not authorized and where they are based.
  • Monitor retailers in all four corners of the world. Minderest can process any online sales platform’s data regardless of country of origin, language, coding, or currency. If our platform does not include it yet, we will add it.

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