Minderest and GFk join forces at the Pricing Strategy World Summit in Munich

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Minderest and Gfk will participate together as Online Price Monitoring Global Partners, in the prestigious Pricing Strategy World Summit from April 16 to 18 in Munich.

The Pricing Strategy World Summit has been recognized as the main annual meeting point for the most prominent professionals in the areas of pricing, revenue management, marketing and digital transformation of the largest companies in the world. This year, the event provides a unique opportunity to share knowledge and best practices in the B2B, B2C, digital and offline sectors.

"We are excited to participate in the Pricing Strategy World Summit together with GFk," says Minderest CEO Antonio Tomás. "It is a great opportunity to share our experience working together on monitoring and optimizing our clients' prices and present our dynamic pricing solution artificial intelligence-based, Reactev, which is already revolutionizing the way companies adjust their prices in an increasingly competitive market.”

During the event, Minderest, together with Gfk, will share with attendees how Artificial Intelligence is already revolutionizing pricing and what the strategies of the future will be like. Thanks to its AI-based Dynamic Pricing tool, Reactev, many companies are already starting the path towards next-generation pricing. A tool that automatically adjusts and predicts market fluctuations, offering intelligent and effective price management thanks to artificial intelligence and big data.

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Don't miss the opportunity to learn more about Minderest's top tech pricing solutions at the Pricing Strategy World Summit in Munich, April 16-18.

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