Minderest Exports

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The data provided by Minderest can be extracted and presented in a .csv file, in which the following fields can be included by the final user.

Those fields can refer to the data from the feed file provided by the client, or the data from the products matched by Minderest (as my XX or Distributor’s XXX).

ID : this is the internal reference/ID-number of each product.

Name : product description or title.

My Price : your MSRP, when available.

My SKU : your Stock Keeping Unit.

My previous price : product selling price pre-offer. The previous selling price before the product was placed on sale/special offer.

My Attribute : additional information about the products, provided by the client, for internal use only, displayed as « Attribute » in the platform.

Stock : availability - yes or no, or in / out of stock product indication in distributor’s website.

Date update : when the export file was generated.

Name distributor X : name of the distributor.

Price distributor X : price of distributor X at the time the file was generated, with or without discount.

Stock distributor X : product availability of distributor X.

Distributor’s sellers and cheapest seller : list of sellers of a product, if the distributor is a marketplace.

Offer : if the information is available, indicates the price before a discount is applied in the distributor’s web.

MPN : if available, Manufacturer Product Number.

EAN : product barcode (EAN/UPC/GTIN/JAN, etc.)

Brand : product brand, make or manufacturer.

Category : the category, as defined in the feed file, usually coincides with the category (tree) structure of your website. Assists with product filtering and allows to easily locate products.

Distributor’s category : category indicated in the distributor’s website, for each product.

Currency : currency used in the distributor’s website.

Tax : applicable sales tax included, or not, in the price(s).

Product URL : indicates where a product appears in the website (client or distributor).

Image URL : indicates where to find an image of the product in the client’s website or distributor’s website.

Measure Unit / Measure Value : helps unify the Unit Price when relevant.

My Tag(s) : additional information in the feed that can be used to further filter products within our application.

Product update : when a product was last updated.

Postal code name : when relevant, location of the physical store of the distributor.

The User Manual can be downloaded from the Minderest platform if further information on the functionalities of the tool is needed.