Google Shopping Price Monitoring

How to remain competitive and profitable on Google’s price comparison site

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Google Shopping price monitoring tool
Competitor price change alerts in Google Shopping

Monitor price changes

Monitoring competitors’ Google Shopping pricing is as important as doing so on different eCommerce sites. If achieving good positioning on this comparator is part of your pricing strategy, we can help you.

  • Find out about all the sellers’ offers and promotions. To appear at the top positions on Google Shopping, you must have a competitive price and a current offer or promotion. Stay on top of your competitors’ campaign launches.
  • Determine the shipping costs for each product and retailer more efficiently and easily. Access our tool’s intuitive dashboards, which display all the structured information to enable in-depth analysis.
  • Receive alerts with the latest changes. Finding out about your competitors’ price changes as soon as they occur, gives you the advantage so that you can react to them. Set up personalized alerts and receive an email notification when changes are detected.

Automated competitor identification on Google Shopping

Our technology goes where no others have gone before. We are pioneers in adapting to changes in the Google Shopping algorithm constantly and successfully. This ensures you always have access to up-to-date and reliable data and can monitor your competitors as effectively as possible.

We have the most advanced artificial intelligence algorithm for automated product matching on Google Shopping.

Google Shopping bidding optimization
Google Shopping bidding optimization

Up your ante on Google Shopping

Appear at the top of Google Shopping by optimizing your offer. Monitor the costs of each product and the amount you can afford to take a gamble on, whilst still offering a competitive price. We can help you succeed in maintaining the delicate balance of increasing product sales without reducing your profit margin. Our platform will help you determine the products it is worth taking a gamble on, based on price positioning, profit margin and the prominence of the product within your catalogue.

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  • Monitor your competitors’ prices on a dashboard.
  • Find out about any retailer’s entire catalogue.
  • Discover how our platform helps you improve your profit margin.
Google Shopping product segmentation

Identify segments where competition is scarce

Most retailers do not offer all their products through Google Shopping. Get products you have in common placed at the top of this price comparison site, and you will have a considerable advantage. Quickly identify any gaps that need to be filled by monitoring what your competitors are doing. Then develop a new strategy that will make it possible to increase your sales.

Find out their selling price for your products

If you are a premium brand, you need to guard against drastic sale price reductions or extremely aggressive discounting to protect your brand image. This is why it is critically important to monitor the prices at which your products are sold through Google Shopping and by which retailers. Our price monitoring software makes it easy to identify those who wildly deviate from the MSRP.

Google Shopping price discovery

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