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Reports on demand in any market

Brands and manufacturers often need information about products, availability and prices from the markets where they have presence or would like to enter.

Minderest offers a simple tool for requesting and creating pricing reports with which you can access retailer information, around the world, at any time.

Not just prices

Any publicly available information present in an eCommerce site can be extracted for further analysis. Minderest reports include more than 10 different parameters such as price, promotions, availability, descriptions, brands, categories or images.

Occasional or recurring reports

Request one-time extractions for specific projects, or schedule a continuous extraction for a broader analysis. You may modify the objective and parameters of your project at any time.

Extractions of complete catalogues or only certain categories

The flexible pricing solution allows you to extract either the total assortment from an eCommerce, or to select only a specific set of categories of interest so that your reports only contain relevant information.

International Coverage

Request price or assortment reports from any eCommerce around the world, regardless of location, currency or language. Report formats are similar so as to help you integrate all our data sources.

Easily download and integrate data

You may download your requested pricing reports CSV format and integrate them with your systems in just a few clicks. Our data sources have been designed so that they can be quickly imported into business intelligence solutions such as PowerBI or Tableau.

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