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A simple tool for an ambitious project

When facing a project to monitor large volumes of data there are many challenges, from the huge hardware resources required to the long periods of time consumed extracting the data. Simply overcoming these challenges is not enough if the extracted information becomes inaccurate, incomplete, and out of date.

Product Data API is an extremely simple tool which you only need to indicate the eCommerce portals you wish to monitor. We will take care of the rest! Resources, IP bans or other technical difficulties are resolved by Minderest’s team of experienced engineers.

Product Data API is for those users who are not looking for complex pricing tools but just wish to obtain product information from selected eCommerce portals quickly and easily.

Tell us which eCommerce and we take care of the rest

Unlike other tools in which you must setup complex information extraction techniques, to use Product Data API, you only need to tell us which sites or eCommerce portals you want to monitor. Are you only interested in obtaining information from specific categories? No problem, Minderest will design the data extraction in the most efficient way for you and with high quality results.

More than 10 different data items are monitored: product names, descriptions, prices, offers, categories, images, URL’s, availability, shipping costs, delivery times and product attributes are some of them.

One-shot or recurring projects

Regardless of the purpose of your project, our tool can adapt to your needs. From projects for punctual data extractions to recurrent extractions only during the weeks or months that you need.

Download information in CSV format

We speak your language. You will be able to download, in a single click, all the collected information in CSV format, and if you need to, you will also be able to automatically obtain the download by means of our web API access.

Product Data API + Power BI = Business Intelligence

Our information sources are designed to be integrated with Business Intelligence tools in just a few clicks. We provide you with accurate, complete and up to date data that, combined with powerful reporting tools, will allow you to discover the valuable information behind it.

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Retailer Solutions

The Product Data API tool enables retailers who have the following needs.

eCommerce product monitoring: on-demand monitoring of any product information in any eCommerce: price, stock, description, EAN, MPN, SKU, etc.

Solutions for brands and manufacturers

The Product Data API tool provides manufacturers and brands with the following solutions.

Digital shelf benchmark: analysis of the digital presence of a brand for eCommerce with respect to content, price, stock, images, etc.

eCommerce pricing reports: extraction of complete product assortment or category based from any retailer in the world for subsequent offline analysis.


What will I have access to after contracting the service?

A simple online tool from which you can request data extractions, manage them and download the information obtained, all without needing to install any applications or have any technical knowledge.

Is there a minimum commitment?

The commitment is monthly, being able to cancel the service at any time for the following month. If you decide on a discounted annual payment, then your commitment will be annual.

What is a credit? 

A credit is equivalent to the capture of the product data in a certain moment of time. For example, capturing information on prices, availability, images, etc., of 1,000 products once a month would have a monthly consumption of 1,000 credits.

How many portals can I monitor and in what regions?

An unlimited amount of portals and anywhere in the world.

How often is the information updated?

You can indicate the periodicity of the updates, from daily to monthly.

How often can I change the websites?

Whenever you want with an extra cost.

Can I monitor any portal?

The vast majority of websites can be monitored. In contrast, with some extremely large portals such as eBay or Amazon it is not technically possible because they themselves limit the number of products that can be viewed per category. If your project is not technically feasible, we will let you know and refund your money.

What forms of payment do I have?

Payment can me made easily by: credit card, debit card or PayPal.

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