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Monitor eCommerce portals to improve your competitiveness

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The Internet is the world’s largest product information database, but it is also the most dynamic and complex to access. Minderest’s product monitoring solution allows retailers to monitor the assortment of any eCommerce, worldwide, without the need for extensive resources or technical expertise.

Analyse competitors’ pricing and stock strategies

Everyday millions of prices change in the network, making it complex to track your competitor’s prices. With just a few clicks you can set-up which competitors you want to monitor and how often, allowing you to analyse their pricing strategies over time and understand how they are affected depending on availability and demand. This valuable information will help you to improve the competitiveness of your business, increasing your turnover and profit margins.

Find out which products may be missing from your assortment

Building an assortment of consumer-relevant products is one of a retailer’s main challenges. Minderest’s product monitoring solution will allow you to detect which products your competitors offer and you don’t, this will help you design a richer, more diverse product catalogue focused on what your customers demand.

Improve your product information with data

It is as complex to add new references to your assortment as it is to keep your information up to date and complete. Thanks to monitoring you can enrich your products with valuable information such as SKU’s, UPC’s, EAN’s, MPN’s, descriptions, images, specifications, and any other data that can be found in the eCommerce portals you select.

Worldwide Coverage

Any country, language and currency is available for you to start your information monitoring project. The product monitoring solution allows you to analyse anything from a well-known local competitor to obtaining data for a complete international market study for entirely new markets.

Export the information in a single click.

All information obtained is processed and normalised, so you can download it in CSV format and in only a single click. A simple interface will allow you to obtain results in a short period of time regardless of the complexity of your project.

Designed to be integrated with your software

Product information is even more valuable if you integrate it into your systems. That’s why all our reports are designed to be integrated with your business intelligence tools. Add our files as a data source and discover the meaning behind millions of data sets.

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