Guide: Optimise your eCommerce for the summer sales

Be ready for promotions time!

We help companies to design effective pricing strategies for their eCommerce and optimise their prices and promotions. It becomes even more important during promotional periods with high sales volumes, such as summer sales. For this reason, we also want to help you optimise your strategies to obtain the maximum profitability of these campaigns. We have made a quick guide to make sure that your site is ready.

Summer sales have traditionally been one of the busiest times of the year and one of the most important commercial dates for any online sales platform. The current context, defined by the pandemic, has led to an accelerated evolution in the digital behavior of many consumers, as revealed by search insights from Google Trends. Here we highlight some that are especially relevant for this period. We have taken them into account when preparing the guide to optimise your e-Commerce for the summer sales.


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