Discover the evolution of Private-Label Brands in Europe and the Americas

Private Label brands are increasing their market share.

Sales of private-label brands (also know as store brands) are increasing and driving a paradigm shift, challenging established market norms in the Americas and Europe. According to the latest data from the Private Label Manufacturers Association, these brands are steadily gaining ground, offering consumers an attractive alternative: Quality products at unbeatable prices.

What is driving this unstoppable trend? In these uncertain economic times, driven by rising inflation, today’s consumers’ loyalties are shifting, choosing more affordable options without sacrificing quality. 

Access revealing market data in this infographic. 

Download our infographic:

  • Find out private-label brands’ market share in Europe and the Americas. 
  • Understand consumer behaviour. 
  • Reveal European countries’ ranking by private label brand quota. 
  • Access unique information that will allow you to make strategic decisions and optimize your business for success in this dynamic new market.

To find out how our Competitive Environment tool can help you understand and improve your competitiveness in the Private Label Brand market, request a demo of our tool from our pricing experts.

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