Case Study - Evolution

Case Study - Evolution Power Tools


Evolution offers competitive prices using market knowledge

Evolution is an electric cutting saw manufacturer for professionals and DIY enthusiasts, founded in the ‘Steel City’ of Sheffield, UK. Their products are sold in all the major retailers in the sector, and they operate in 26 countries worldwide.  

Evolution approached Minderest with the challenge of wanting better control of market prices to enable them to adapt their strategy and improve their competitive position.

In this Case Study, you will find out how Evolution has been able to: 

  • Find out the average price of each of their products in online distributors. 
  • Access a flow of data from more than 500,000 pricing data per month.  
  • Discover their distributors’ complete product catalogues to monitor their competition on mutual sales channels.

At Evolution, we manufacture accurate, reliable, powerful multi-material cutting saws. That is why it gives us great pleasure to collaborate with a company that works with the same precision and efficiency. With Minderest, we have managed to have a flow of high-value data and save time on analysis, allowing us to better understand and track market prices.”

Tim Lawrenson - Digital Marketing Manager at Evolution

Would you like to be able to monitor your products’ prices in online distributors in an agile and productive way like Evolution? Find out what our tool can do for your business by booking a live demo.

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