How to increase ROI in Google Shopping using Price intelligence software

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How to increase ROI in Google Shopping


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Price comparatives like Google Shopping, Shopmania or Kelkoo can be good alliances for e commerce’s to attract qualified traffic to their portals as long as their prices are competitive. Not forgetting that the main use of these comparatives for consumers is to know which shops have the most economical prices. To gain a better return on investment (ROI) in Google Shopping without knowing the market price for a product can be very complicated, as we would have, on very few occasions, a competitive price because, like us, the remaining retailers fight until the last cent.

To overcome this difficulty we can use price intelligence software that continuously monitors the price of each one of our products in Google Shopping. Like this we will always know the price of each company that competes against us with the same products, allowing us to position ourselves ahead of them in price. Thanks to repricing systems that more advanced software’s incorporate, as well as automatically fixing our PVPs, we can gain a continuous optimisation in Google Shopping as well as in the rest of our sales channels.

Besides this previous benefit commented, we can optimise even more our CPC campaigns by segmenting the catalogue that we upload to Google Shopping, for this, once we know which is our position in price towards the competition, we can decide in which products we want to compete (we have a larger margin) and in which products it would be better to reduce the investment.

Summarising, thanks to the analysis and monitoring of the competition in Google Shopping, we can not only increase our traffic from the comparative, but also increase the ROI obtained by investing only in those products that produce larger profits for our company.

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