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Google Shopping has recently made important changes to the search engine on its platform. Since the beginning of November, it has no longer been possible to locate products by EAN, UPC or GTIN code.  This has also affected automatically matching new products for any tool that monitors prices and products on Google Shopping. This change has already been a major setback for many retailers and sellers when it comes to knowing the movements of the competition and implementing pricing strategies during the Black Friday and Christmas campaigns.

Minderest has the solution. As part of our continuous innovation strategy, we have developed an innovative solution to automatically identify products in Google Shopping. We were the first to identify the problem and come up with a robust and solvent solution to help retailers around the world continue their pricing strategies and achieve their goals on the platform under any circumstances.

This allows any retailer to automatically access competitive data, adjust their pricing strategy and improve their positioning, sales and profits.

Find your competitors on Google Shopping

The massive user traffic that Google Shopping receives has meant that all eCommerce businesses need to know how they and their competitors are positioned on the giant Google platform. 

Being in the top positions is a guarantee of increased sales, but how can you get a good position without knowing who you are competing against? The first step is to identify your competitors. These are the people who advertise the same products as you on the platform, and identifying them is not an easy task and is becoming increasingly difficult. Thanks to Google Shopping's advanced monitoring technology, you can easily and automatically identify these retailers and your products.

This gives you a clear view of your competitive environment and allows you to use the data to adjust your pricing strategy and positioning in Google Shopping.

This is how you can monitor other eCommerce businesses and sellers on Google Shopping

Identifying all the sellers selling a product from your extensive catalogue and knowing every move and price change of your competitors in Google Shopping with a catalogue of tens, hundreds or even thousands of products, multiplied by several competitors each, is an unattainable task without a Price Intelligence tool. But even with most of them, establishing a relationship between products is a titanic task without being able to perform automatic and reliable Product Matching in Google Shopping. To perform this analysis, you need a tool that allows you to automate Price Monitoring in Google Shopping, such as Minderest.

Minderest allows you to automatically monitor competitor prices, promotions and stock levels and receive alerts when changes are made. Our technology is at the forefront of the market, and thanks to our advanced artificial intelligence matching algorithm, we are able to guard against changes that prevent automatic matching in Google Shopping, ensuring Minderest always has access to the most up-to-date and reliable data

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