Customer service in ecommerce: the 4 keys to be useful to the buyer

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Maintaining a close relationship with the buyer is essential for an ecommerce. And an essential element to forge it is proper customer service.

In the web environment there are multiple possibilities to carry out this activity and exploit to the maximum the resource of the immediacy and convenience that supposes buying from home, from the office or while you are on public transport. In fact, the development of new channels of contact with the customer is one of the epicentres of innovation in the online sales sector.

Currently there are different tools and software that allow you to perfect this necessary activity for an ecommerce. And it is that facilitating the task to the potential buyer is as important for the online store as developing a correct pricing strategy. There are four keys to support customer service in an online store:

1. Online chat. This is probably the most practical and useful tool for a user. Online chat is a key piece to solve doubts in the moment they arise, while the user makes the purchase decision: is this the final price? Why have I seen it cheaper in another store? Does the delivery time include the preparation of the package? How much are the shipping costs? A response in time can be an advantage in terms of generating more sales. These types of solutions evolve and vary to adapt to the best possible solution according to the product sold and the type of web. For example, you can go from an instant messaging chat to a small video conference conversation that allows the user to get the direct advice they need.

2. Social media. Undoubtedly, social networks represent a unique opportunity to establish a channel of contact between ecommerce and customers. It is the users themselves who have highlighted this channel among the others using it, directly, to contact the visible heads of the store and raise questions, complaints, suggestions and even make claims. In these cases, the strength of public exposure is especially effective, so it is essential to have a clear and defined action strategy to address the messages of users through social networks.

3. Support content. It´s basic and necessary. The content of support is what the user needs to understand the platform and to know what the operational policy of ecommerce is. This section includes resources such as FAQ, return policy, shipping information or the description of product maintenance. It is important to have a practical, clear, useful and concise content so that the user can easily consult it; it must be well organized and accessible, so that it is possible to find it if necessary.

4. Telephone attention. After all, the human being needs contact. Hence why, the attention by telephone continues to be a pillar that renounces to abandon online commerce. Today, new generations seem to use this way of contact less and less, but the reality is that not only millennials buy in an ecommerce, so it is convenient to have the support of a channel that allows the customer to have a direct, conversational response, to their doubts. Depending on the size of the ecommerce, it could be the need of a full call centre to meet the requests of users. However, in these times it is usually not necessary more than a small group of people dedicated to customer service of ecommerce by this means, a task that can be perfectly compatible with other tasks related to the online store, such as stock or order management.

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