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Amazon is the king of online commerce.  This is one of the most absolute truths in internet sales.  As such, there is no manufacturer, vendor or brand that isn’t concerned when it comes to maximizing its sales via this marketplace.

Meanwhile, SEO and web positioning lead to more than one marketer, those seeking to occupy the top positions of the SERP’s.  So, at the point where more than one topic come together, many still wonder if it is possible to actually do SEO for Amazon.  How can one apply these techniques to improve the positioning of a product?

While it is true that nobody seems to have the exact formula to achieve success (since many claim that you cannot get a better position on Amazon beyond the one that the platform itself gives you), there are several aspects that should be taken into account to help products of a specific brand to stand out from the rest and gain the first positions in the search results.

The Amazon A9 algorithm is what, according to experts, would be the algorithm that Amazon uses to rate products and place them in any particular position.  The objective of the marketplace is to find the products that are expected to generate most sales; do not forget that your goal is also to sell. This is where the following three aspects are going to have most influence, above all:

- The product description.  As with an online store, a good product page will open the door to your users' eye.  Focused on SEO, keep in mind that it is necessary that the one word that defines your product is present in its main description.  It is also convenient that, as we would do in positioning on Google, you find the most specific, longtail type, since it will help you to filter your users’ interest by using much more concrete criteria, which can increase up to 30% the possibilities of winning the sale.  For this you can use specific tools, such as the Amazon Keyword Tool.  In the same way, do not neglect the product title, the image and all those fields that Amazon puts at your disposal to publish all the details about your product.

- The product category.  Choosing under what umbrella to include your product may not be such an easy task.  Amazon has a wide range of categories and subcategories into which it could be included.  When choosing one over another, it is important to know how the brand is located. That is, for those who have just arrived at the marketplace, it will be more interesting to place them in categories with little competition until they accumulate sales points.  Once this milestone is reached, it will be necessary to investigate where the competition is and what results they obtain to place their products in an optimum placing.

- Ranking granted by users.  The evaluations and comments entered by users are considered highly important by Amazon.  This user generated fresh content will be of great value (if not the most value) at the time of product positioning.  So, how to get it?  Take advantage of the loyalty actions you can put into place in an online store and strengthen the relationship with your audience by asking them to value your products, and your brand, as a seller. All help is too little here, to enter into a market as large as this one.

Sales volumes, the key factor to positioning in Amazon

Everything we can understand about Amazon SEO will serve to boost the appearance of our products in searches.  However, if there is a key factor in Amazon’s product positioning, it is the repeated purchases by consumers.

In the same way that product evaluations are fundamental, the fact that it has been purchased by multiple users is synonymous with trust and quality.  It is what is defined as ‘click to sales’, the relationship between the visualisations of a product and the sales it generates.  Hence, all previous improvements should be focused precisely to improve the shopping experience, which will allow feedback to this aspect to enhance the positioning of the product in Amazon.

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