3 keys to increasing your eCommerce traffic in 2020

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Every marketing manager is aware of the great importance web traffic holds for their eCommerce business. Driving the highest possible number of interested users to your website is key to boosting sales, especially in the beginning when the business has just entered the market. For that, the most powerful tool continues to be SEO. But this is a sector that is constantly changing. Each year, new trends in organic positioning appear that need to be implemented to attract new customers to your online store. To help you, we have three strategies that will grow in importance over 2020 and will allow you to increase your eCommerce traffic without investing in advertising campaigns.

Optimise voice searches

Since Alexa, Siri, and Cortana are already a part of the daily lives of many users, one good strategy to implement this year is to optimise voice searches so that you appear among the first results offered by these virtual assistants.

The first step would be to adapt your content, since these voice searches are mostly created in the form of questions instead of keywords, for example, Alexa, where can I buy sales software for my company?” As the complexity of the phrase increases, optimising your keywords won’t be enough. You’ll also have to structure the content in a way that responds to the user’s questions.

Strengthen your presence on Instagram and niche social networks

Links in social networks have always been a strong source of traffic. Instagram currently allows you to convert your profile into a direct sales channel thanks to features that link products or services directly to the photographs. In 2020, you’ll have to create short-term, quality content linked to products to fill your stories and attract the attention of potential customers.

Another social network where businesses should be, especially those that trade in products, is Pinterest, a niche social network that brings together people with common interests. In addition to enhancing engagement, Pinterest has purchase and call-to-action buttons that allow you to direct users to your eCommerce business.

Adapt your website for different mobile devices

This is a classic. It’s also a weak point for many eCommerce businesses. Knowing that search engines, especially Google, favour websites with a good responsive system or their own mobile version, it’s essential to check and improve the degree of adaptability of your website. In search engines, the most relevant results for smartphone users will be those that have text that’s readable without zoom, adapted and visible buttons, and good load speed, among others.

By improving these aspects, you won’t only be attracting more traffic thanks to better web positioning, but your conversion and loyalty rates will be higher because users will have a better shopping experience. This is how you’ll encourage their return to your catalogue of products and services.

Once you apply these 3 tips and increase the traffic to your online store, you’ll only have to work on these conversion improvement strategies, defining what actions you’ll take to encourage your clients to complete the purchase process.

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