Customer loyalty and omnichannel strategies

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Omnichannel strategies go beyond having a presence on all channels to reach your audience. This is a resource that allows you to optimise the user experience thanks to the integrated work between the channels, which complement each other to offer a better shopping experience and to strengthen both online and offline relationships.

The consumption model from two decades ago is very different from the current one. In the past, the consumer would go to one physical store, buy a product, and that was the end of it. Nowadays, if a customer starts the purchase process on one channel, they don’t necessarily have to finish it. They can continue and complete their purchase on another channel and their experience won’t be harmed in any way. In fact, this flexibility and convenience will create a unique shopping experience, which is possible if you’ve already established an omnichannel marketing strategy.

While it’s clear that omnichannel experiences use multiple channels, not all multichannel strategies are omnichannel. If they are, they must be integrated so that they operate together.

Why is this so necessary nowadays?

The new consumption model, an increasingly demanding consumer profile, and the rising competition in the market are all compelling reasons that have led many companies to resort to an omnichannel strategy to facilitate their users’ purchasing process, improve brand satisfaction, and build customer loyalty.

An omnichannel strategy to build customer loyalty 

One of the main objectives of an omnichannel strategy is to earn customer loyalty. Using different channels will result in more personalised interactions with the user, helping improve their perception of your brand. In addition to being able to acquire your products through different channels, the user will see that you can solve their problems through any platform, harmoniously. Example: a user buys an object in a physical store and has a problem with it. They contact the store through customer service, who will make it easier for the user to return the product without needing to leave their home, thus creating a barrier-free shopping experience. As a result, this improvement in the user experience will have a positive impact on the return on investment. By using different communication channels, traffic will increase and your sales opportunities along with it.

In short, a brand or retailer offering online channels to interact with the client isn’t a novelty. Rather, it’s a requirement if you want to survive in such a competitive market. Despite the current popularity of the term, this strategy is still relatively new and could be what your business needs to outperform the competition.

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