The keys to creating purchase momentum in your eCommerce business

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Increasing sales in an eCommerce business has become a very difficult task for retailers. Nowadays, the majority of consumers often think about whether they really need the product that they’ve added to their cart. You must identify all of the motives that cause consumers to not complete their purchase. Once identified, you need to implement effective actions to get your customers to make their purchases in your eCommerce store.

An impulse purchase occurs when a consumer decides to buy a product without thinking about it too much. In the eCommerce world, we could understand an impulse purchase to be when a consumer adds a product to their cart. Most purchases are made due to non-rational impulses, which means that the client allows themselves to be carried away by their emotions and feelings. For this reason, it’s very important to take maximum care of the user experience to make sure they feel special.

Tips to increase impulse purchases 

  1. Place the product in hot zones: different studies have confirmed that the hottest area on a website is in the upper left-hand corner, meaning that products located in that area will sell more.
  2. Limited time offers: implementing this practice will give the users a sensation of urgency. This happens because they think that they’re going to miss out on that offer if they allow time to pass. It can also be quite effective to mention that few units of a certain product remain in stock to help encourage a quick purchase decision.
  3. Personalised discounts: understanding your potential clients is important to know what types of discounts to offer them. The discounts that work best are buy one, get one 50% off; 3x2; free shipping; and so on. 
  4. Use psychological prices and discounts: as we’ve mentioned previously, a large portion of consumers allow themselves to be carried away by their emotions and feeling when shopping. This is why implementing psychological prices in your eCommerce business can be very effective. Consumers find €1.99 much more attractive than €2, for example. The technique of specifying how much money the consumer is saving thanks to a specific discount is also used often.
  5. Customer comments: on your website, include a place for reviews from customers who have bought a certain product. This will advertise this product and give customers who have certain doubts the push they need because customer reviews are highly valued and offer a lot of credibility. Rewarding clients who leave comments with some kind of discount or gift can be a very effective way to encourage them.

New and original products: the best weapon you have to generate sales through impulse buying is to have an innovative and trendy product. In general, this has to be an original product. Nowadays, you can learn about existing trends through social networks, so you can get ideas about new products that might interest users.

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